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Low-Cost, High-Quality Film: A Guide to Affordable On-Location Shoots

Some of today’s most critically acclaimed television shows and movies are filmed on sets and in closed, pre-built locations; to be sure, some of history’s most critically acclaimed television shows and movies have been filmed on sets! But most video production these days aren’t big-budget studio films; they’re YouTube videos and online marketing content. There’s something truly authentic—something irrefutably powerful—about on-location shoots, and this energy is captured by cameras and, in turn, enjoyed by viewers.

Of course, one of the biggest downsides to on-location shoots—one of the only downsides—is the associated cost. While they don’t require the rental for the set or soundstage, filming on-location can still be pricey, and this reputation for expensiveness has led the shooting style to be regarded as intimidating (and not worth exploring) by many rising filmmakers.

By implementing some simple and effective tips, however, media professionals who’re filming on-location can save a substantial amount of cash and complete the process for a fraction of the cost paid by others, all without sacrificing the quality of the produced footage in any way.

Let’s take a look at some straightforward ways to save money on on-location shoots!


Put Food First

For many upcoming filmmakers, on-set food is something of an afterthought; a concern of secondary importance that’s considered only at the last second. While this style of thinking is correct in theory and typically works without issue on traditional sets, it could cause considerable trouble (and cost a significant amount of money) when filming on-location.

The reasoning is simple: food is fuel, and without fuel, actors, camerapersons, make-up artists, and all the other experts that make a set function won’t perform at their best. The resulting mistakes will cost time and money. Furthermore, rushing to retrieve food from an unfamiliar venue in an unknown area doesn’t look particularly professional, and will produce unexpected last-minute fees (ordering in advance is almost always cost effective).

In short, on-location filming is much easier and cheaper when food (including allergy information!) is put first.


Reduce Housing Costs

image source: St. Louis Corporate Housing

It might be tempting to book a film crew’s stay in a hotel, but it isn’t always economical. On the contrary, hotels can be absolute “money pits” that eat-up the majority of an on-location work’s budget.

Short-term apartment rentals are affordable and convenient alternatives. They have accommodation options available in almost every area. Planning for an on-location shoot and choosing an apartment instead of a hotel will preserve a project’s budget and assure that the resulting footage is once again excellent.


Have a Plan-B

image source: Creative Commons

Most actors and actresses are committed, dedicated, attentive professionals who’re honored to be part of a project they’re passionate about. Like many things in life, though, occasional “bad apples” do appear and will be encountered. These “bad apples” could very quickly be part of one’s on-location project.

As such, to minimize risk, minimize losses, and assure that a project gets finished as scheduled, it’s important for on-location film professionals to have a plan-b. This means that backup actors, actresses, and crew members must be on retainer and able to be called at a moment’s notice should their services be required.


Save Money on Audio

While traditionally seen as a post-production consideration, more and more video productions are employing their sound design throughout the production process, which may or may not necessitate having it picked out before you even start filming. For smaller, DIY productions, hiring a music designer and renting a full foley stage are just not viable options. This is where Music Beats comes in. We have lots of premixed audio, some for free, and all for a very affordable price. We can even help you mix your own sound cheaper than you could find at a ritzy Hollywood sound studio. Audio is half of your video, and you need to make sure that you’re representing your content as professionally as possible.


These tips are sure to help on-location film professionals save as much money as possible and produce fantastic footage. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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Submit A Guest Post | MusicBeats.Net Is Now Accepting Guest Posts

If you are Googling the phrase “Submit A Guest Post” or “Accepting Guest Posts”, while looking for entertainment websites that are offering guest blogging opportunities, MusicBeats.Net can help!

We receive emails all the time asking if we are accepting guest posts and if you can submit a guest post on our site. Yes, we absolutely do accept guest posts and will add a do-follow link to your website as long as you follow the simple guidelines outlined below.

[spacer height=”20px”]

Topics We Are Accepting Guest Posts For:

If you don’t fall under one of these categories or a closely related one, please don’t email me. Here are the topics/categories we are current accepting guest posts for:

  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Instrumentals
  • TV & Film
  • Movies
  • Media
  • Recording Software
  • Comedy
  • Radio
  • Cinema

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How To Submit A Guest Post

Here are the steps on how to submit a guest post:

[spacer height=”20px”]

Step 1. Pick a Title or Keyword That Has Traffic Potential

You want to pick a topic, title or keyword that gets searched by real people. You can find what keywords people are looking for by using Google’s Keyword planner. You can type in different keywords to find out which words internet searchers are typing in the most. For example: The keyword phrase “Submit a Guest Post” gets searched 1900 times a month according to Google’s Keyword planner.

And… That’s why I chose to name my post title, “Submit A Guest Post – Now Accepting Guest Posts” and I’m including over 800 words to make sure that this post will rank well when users like you type that in. After all, that’s how you found this post isn’t it. Your query had to be something similar to those words or you wouldn’t even of found this post.

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Step 2. Write For The Reader But Don’t Forget Traffic

Create a title that pulls the reader in, organize the content with headings so the user can scan the content easily. This helps for readers who only want to read a portion of your content and not the whole thing

But, you also need to write with keeping traffic in mind. If you choose a topic that doesn’t have much interest or searches, you will be wasting both of our time. You want to pick a keyword that has traffic potential before even submitting a guest post to my site. Use to find a keyword phrase that has a good amount of traffic potential (at least 100/mo searches)

[spacer height=”20px”]

Step 3. Keep In Original

It must be original content and not published anywhere else online. I check manually to make sure it is not plagiarized so please don’t even try.

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Step 4. Only Submit Long Content

You article should be at least 800 words in length or more for the best traffic potential. Although, blog posts that rank the best on Google and receive more traffic are posts that are at least 1500 words or more.

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Step 5. Keep Your Paragraphs Short

Please don’t stuff 500 words into a single paragraph. No one writes like that anymore. Keep paragraphs down to 2-4 sentences max

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Step 6. Submit Your Article Completed

Do not send me an idea and ask if its ok to post. Create, finish and post the article into the email or attach it as a Word or Google doc.

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Step 7. Email Me With Your Guest Post

Email [email protected] with your:

  • completed article
  • At least 800 words of text
  • Traffic estimate you found for your keyword phrase in Google Keyword Planner (learn how to use Google Keyword Planner in this video)
  • Brief summary on your goal of the post
  • Short bio if you would like to be mentioned in the post

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Step 7. Wait For My Reply To Your Email

I will let you know within 3 days if your guest post has been accepted or not.

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What Happens After My Guest Post Is Accepted?

If your guest post is accepted, I will post it to my blog within 7 days and send you an email with the link to the post.

Important – If your post is accepted, you automatically agree that I “Erick Efreezee Carlson” can personally edit your article as I see fit, including changing text, headings and subheadings, to improve web traffic and user experience.

Trust me, you want me to edit your post, my site is currently receiving 750,000+ visitors per month from only my personal posting so far – (12/15/2017) if you are reading this post after this date, the traffic is probably even more by now.

I have been performing search engine optimization for over 8+ years and currently work 40 hours a week doing so at a 20 year old web company I work for. I currently work on 80 different client sites per month and growing. Companies pay us upward of $1,500 a month to work on their sites.

I say all this to ensure you that I would never do anything to negatively affect your post. I want us both to win!! Thank you for visiting my page. You can see my web stats below to see if my site is worth posting to. DA 20+ sites are great to get backlinks from.

MusicBeats.Net Age, Domain Authority & Other Stats

  • Site Name: MusicBeats.Net
  • Website Age: 13 Years Old
  • Website Domain Authority: DA 22
  • Website Backlinks: 3,000+
  • Website Traffic Worth: $30,000+ per month
  • Website Traffic Per Month: 750,000+ visits per month (as of 12/15/2017)
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Kanye West “Facts” Disses Drake Steve Harvey Bill Cosby

Kanye calling out all names in his most recent diss track against Drake, Steve Harvey, Bill Cosby, Nike and more…  Watch the video just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Lyrics are included in the video.

Kanye West “Facts” Video W/Lyrics

Kanye west releases new diss track titled, “Facts” on New Years Eve 2016, a day before the new year. It’s seems as if Kanye is speaking up on everything that he is feeling in 2015 by calling out Nike, Drake, Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey and more. Read below to see what Kanye West had to say about everyone.

kanye west disses steve harvey miss universe facts diss track new songs

Kanye West’s Diss @ Steve Harvey

Kanye Steve Harvey Diss: Kanye said this, “did he Forget the name just like Steve Harvey?” Kanye is referring to Steve Harvey, a popular TV host well known in the media and loved by millions.

Steve recently made a mistake while hosting a popular award show by announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant. Steve immediately realized what he did and whole heartedly apologized to the contestant/audience right away.

Mr. Harvey even went out of his way to apologize to everyone on social media as well by posting this to his status “To everyone, please accept my sincerest apologies. It was not my intent to hurt any one. Sister Odell is a made up character, she’s not real and my intent was not directed at any other real person. And most certainly was not directed at any one you know. Again my apologies. The problem with comedy is ALL subjects can offend someone. Please forgive me if you were ….. DONT TRIP HE AINT THRU WIT ME YET”.

steve harvey apologizes for reading wrong contestants name at miss universe pageant 2015

He even told and showed the audience that the correct contestants name was listed right there on his card the whole time but mistakenly read the 1st runner up as the winner. Most would say that he looked sincere and doesn’t need these extra little stabs at his mistake. Although, maybe, Kanye is still upset about the push back he received about his big outburst with Taylor Swift back in 2013. Kanye did pay big for interrupting Taylor Swifts award acceptance speech at the 2013 VMA’s and maybe this is his way of “paying it forward” to the industry. We believe Steve Harvey made an honest mistake and doesn’t deserve to be scrutinized in diss tracks. He’s a Game Show Host for God sakes!

kanye west disses bill cosby facts diss track new song

Kanye West’s Diss @ Bill Cosby

Kanye Bill Cosby Diss: Kanye dissed Bill Cosby by stating “do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby” Didn’t you ever hear the old saying, “don’t kick a man while he is down” Kanye? Bill Cosby is already dealing with multiple lawsuits like the sexual assault case in Pennsylvania and doesn’t need the extra negativity. Bill actually was on track to buy out NBC a couple of years ago but the owner of NBC said that they are not for sale. Bill has enough going on right now Kanye, give him a break!

Kanye’s Diss @ Nike

Kanye Nike Diss: Kanye also makes an unexpected diss at Nike by saying, “If Nike ain’t have Drizzy, man they wouldn’t have nothin“, Were pretty sure that Nike would of been just fine without Drake. They have been making Millions before Drake was even born and have numerous contracts with major NFL and NBA teams. Not mentioning the Lifetime contract they recently signed with Lebron James. Also, takes a second shot at Nike by saying “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, they lined up for days – Nike out here bad they can’t give s**t away” Now if this isnt the most underated statement of Kanye’s life. Hes mentioning a company’s who’s market cap is 86.2 billion dollars and is #18 in the worlds most valuable brands according to Forbes. It’s safe to say that, Nike won’t be responding to Kanye’s outburst anytime soon. We’re pretty positive they have multi-billion dollar problems to worry about.

kanye west drake diss facts diss track new song

Kanye’s Diss @ Drake & Future

Kanye Disses & Future Drake? Kanye hints at dissing Drake and Future by rapping the lyrics, “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman” Is this a reference to Kanye jumping over Drake or Future? I hope not, Kanye does have a lot of fans but Drake is no doubt, the #1 guy in the rap game right now!

Now this isnt the first time Drake and Kanye have had Beef, the linked article contains all of the past history of Drake and Kanye’s on going feuds.

He says “I just talked a lot of s**t but I just did the numbers“, wait, did he just say he did the numbers? We just did the numbers as well, and this is what they are looking like for these 2 artists latest tracks. It seems as if Drake is doing 10+ times the numbers Kanye is doing! Just check out there latest videos for instance.

Drakes most recent song Hotline Bling received over 297,000,000 views on YouTube alone. Kanye’s most recent track only received 28,000,000 views on his song Only One ft Paul McCartney. Also, and not to be biased to Kanye but, we listed to both tracks, and it was a 4-0 win for Drake on the Hotline Bling song vs Kanye’s Only One. Also, just look at the Social Media impact Hotline Bling had with Drake’s funny dancing, the numerous memes it had, parodies and funny videos made about it increasing its exposure.

Yeah people were making fun of it but Drake was making fun of people the most, the more people that watch his videos, the more he gets paid. Every time someone watches on of his videos on YouTube he earns a certain amount of money for each view. Yes, Kanye is known to be worth more than Drake at the current moment, but time will surely show the true victor is this battle between Kanye and Drake.

Kanye For President? Kanye states that “2020 Ima Run the whole election”, This comes as a surprise to Kim Kardashian who says on the Ellen Show “this is news to her”. Kanye actually seems like he is serious about running but no one knows for sure if he is actually going to be a candidate or not. Someone needs to give Donald Trump a run for his money. This would be the election talked about for centuries. Knowing Trump’s racist tendencies, it would be funny to watch how he talks about him. A lot of the readers we talked stated that they thought Kanye running for president was a Joke, but Kanye states that he absolutely serious. Only time will tell if Kanye actually decides to run or not.

Kanye seems like he is only getting started with his well know antics and outbursts, most well known for his statement against the former president of the United States” George Bush hates black people” that he stated on a live viewing on MTV several years back.

Hopefully Kanye is going to wake up one day and realize that he could be a much more valuable person if he starts focusing on real world issues and ways that he could help out others instead of just bashing people or dissing them. Get the message out to Kanye that if he is Jesus (or Yeezus, as he likes to refer to himself as) that a lot of people need saving and that he should use all that money to help people.

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When You Collab With The Pizza Guy – Compilation & Bonus

Hey, what’s up guys. It’s your boy Efreezee from I made a compilation of videos made by the “Wanna Collab?” guys Mashd N Kutcher who made the viral videos “When you collab with the pizza delivery guy video”, “When you collab with random people video” and “When you collab at the shops video”.

I love this guy’s videos and want to collab with him. I made a similar video that shows me making beats out of random objects in my home including my screen door, fan blade and my own voice. Help me get my video to him by liking and sharing it on Facebook. I also included some of his videos below.

Here’s My Video – Similar to “When You Collab With The Pizza Delivery Guy”

Here’s his videos – “When You Collab With The Pizza Guy”

When You Collab At The Shops

When You Collab With Random People In Public

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How to get more plays on Soundcloud, Soundclick Free..

I’ve been promoting music on Soundclick for over 8+ years now and I have discovered the secrets to getting more plays and increasing your traffic to your Souncloud and Soundclick Pages. I’m going to show you both, paid methods and free methods of getting more plays on your Soundcloud & Soundclick accounts in 2015 & 2016.

how to get more plays on soundclick and soundcloud free

how i got 1000000 plays on my website in under a year

These tactics that I am going to show you also work on other music sites as well. These tips I am going to show you will help you get traffic to any website and help people find your products and services online using SEO and website marketing. Bookmark this page or write this down, it could change your life. These tips helped me get over 457,592 plays to my Soundclick account in a little less than 1 year and over 1,000,000 plays on my website in about the same amount of time. Yes guys, it takes dedication and time so if you are in this for the short run, keep searching Google for another article. There are no overnight methods to get traffic to your websites without getting your accounts banned for good. Take it from me, put in the good ol’ fashioned hard work and you will get more traffic in the long run. So, let’s get started. Here’s method #1 getting more plays on Soundclick by building a beat/instrumental website and using SEO.

Getting more plays on Soundclick – Website and SEO

One of the fastest ways to get plays on is to get away from using there page altogether. Its still a good thing to have the VIP membership with them but I will explain that in a second.

The smartest and 1st thing you should do for your Soundclick and music career is to, invest in building a beat website. A beat website will allow Google to find your site and match it up with users who are looking to listen to beats, buy beats and download free beats.

Step 1. Building Your beat selling webite

Go to

You want to find the perfect domain name first. Your domain name is the .com name that you need to select. I suggest selecting a .com with the word “beats” in the name. For example, my site is domain name is “” I bolded the word “beats” to show you that I live by my own preaching. Having that word in your domain name helps google understand that your website is about beats. You can use your producer name and other words like that but the marketing of your site is a little easier with that word in your domain name.

Next, I suggest building your website with WordPress because it is super easy to use and post on. Select a hosting account with Godaddy that includes WordPress already so you don’t have to install it yourself. You can purchase the basic package but it only allows you to get around 20,000 visits a month to your site. You want to select a package that will allow you at least 100,000 visitors a month so you don’t grow out of your hosting. I would of grew out of the 20k package within the first 6 months of building this site. Here’s how to install a theme on WordPress and get your beat site up and running. **This is not me in the video** This is just a video I found on Youtube.

*Note* You can use your Soundclick player or Soundcloud beat player to use on your website and get double the exposure instead of uploading files to your WordPress beat site. The great thing for you is that you can still use your Soundclick player on your beat website and get double the exposure. The users will be visiting your site which is giving your points with Google and the plays you are getting count on Soundclick and can help boost you into the Beats and Instrumental Charts.

soundclick beats and instrumental charts

Your Soundclick page can also show up in Google’s search engine, but is mostly going to come up in Soundclick’s favor so if you are going to put in mad work, do it to your own site. If you want to get your own traffic to your own site that is not related to Soundclick, this is the only way to do it. Although, these SEO tactics can be performed on Soundclick as well. Here’s a couple of my stats from my Sounclick pages and website that show you how I get visit from 221 countries, got more than 1,000,000 plays on my beats and get over 1,900 visit a day from artist looking for beats.

Here’s getting 31,000+ plays in one month on Soundclick.

how I got 31,000 plays on my soundclick account

Here’s getting 13,000+ traffic just last week.

13000 plays in one week on my beat selling website

Here’s’s 50,000+ traffic for this month that’s not even over yet.

50000 thousand site traffic plays in one month on my beats and instrumental site

This just goes to show you that putting in that hard work I was talking about really works and helps bring in traffic to your website by itself. You write the content and the users come in. Here are the steps you are going to need to take (after building your website) to get more traffic like and other producers who are investing in their beat websites. Here’s how you find the words that people are looking for.

How to Find Out What Words People Are Looking For On Google

Use Google’s keyword planner tool to find out the most popular words that people are typing in when looking for music like yours. If you are a rap artist, most likely, the kind of terms people are typing in are: “new rap artist” or “new rap artist 2014”. Do a couple searches on Google’s keyword planner and it will automatically bring up all kinds of different words or categories of words that are related to the ones that you typed in.

Check this out. This is a snap shot of the amount of people are searching for the term “new rap artist” every month.

seo your soundclick get more plays for free

This is a snap shot of a search being performed with all kinds of words that are related the original search.

 how to get more traffic to your soundclick soundcloud for free or paid

When people search for things, they type in the exact kind of phrases you would someone to type in if you they were looking for a “new rap artist”, “beat maker online”, or even a product or service you search everyday, like a “pizza hut in 85032.

This practice is called SEO, SEO by definition means, search engine optimization or marketing your beat website on Google. You are basically optimizing your website to show up better in Google’s search engine for the keywords you found. You need to use these keywords in your website. The amount of times these words should show up on your site is 2 to 4 percent of the time. Meaning, if you have 100 words on your website page, the keywords that you found should only be on there 2-4 times. Otherwise, Google will see that your site is over optimized for your keywords and de-rank you.

Most Important: The thing that will set you apart from other artists or beat makers is your determination to build back-links or create content that a lot of people will share. “Back-Links” are Google’s way of determining if your website is popular. If your link shows up on a lot of High ranking websites, Google will most likely think that they should rank your website highly as well. Social media works in a similar way.

If your link get shared on Facebook and Liked a bunch of time, Google automatically knows to rank you highly. Make sure you are not spamming though, send direct messages instead of tagging people and also join groups that actually show love or play each others music. If you see a bunch of music shared that has absolutely no plays, don’t join that group.

Find one where people trade plays or share each others music. Its better to develop a small amount of people that will share or like your music rather than to share your music with a 1000 people who wont even give you a play. Start small and build your way up. Start with 10, then 20, 50, and build your way up. Alicia keys said it best, “My overnight success took 16 years“. Think of your rap career in the long run.

Also, find music forums and join them, post your links there, and collaborate with the other artists. Find people who will write about you and share it with their readers. These links are what are going to make you more popular than other artists, so make sure that you only make quality ones and stay away from spamming.

Getting more traffic on Soundclick Free – Forums and Collaboration

Join the forums on Soundclick, people are always willing to give feedback and that feedback means an additional play. Find the forums and join the ones that let you promote your music and tell people that you will return the favor and actually do it. Interact with people, get to know the hip hop community, get to know your competition and whats out there. Ask for people to critique you and tell you what you could be doing better but dont get offended or take it to heart. These people are taking time out of there day to help you, the last thing you should do is to send negative energy their way. Also, collab, the best way to increase your audience is to collaborate with people that already have one. Now, don’t be a nube (Nube Definition: New Producer/Artist – Doesn’t know much about music business online) and go around asking everyone and their mother for a collab. Choose people who are close to your level at first and then move up from their. Don’t try to collaborate with artists who are way out of your ballpark, yeah they should give the little people a chance but the world isn’t always that fair. Work your way up, no one gets a free ride. Well, most people at least. *Important* I just discovered that Soundclick discontinued their forums.

soundclick forums discontinued

You can still use these same tactics on other music & instrumental forums like Future Producers Forum.

Getting more traffic on Soundclick – Buying Plays or promotion

Here’s 8 days worth of paid promotional traffic / organic traffic to my Soundclick page. This promotion helped me get over 2,000+ plays a day and over 30,000+ plays in 8 days using SEO traffic and paid traffic to my Soundclick page! This was all due to buying one of the promotions on Soundclick. Don’t buy Soundclick plays from anyone else besides Soundclick or risk having your account banned permantly.

promo 8 days worth of traffic from soundclick

Everyone should steer away from buying Soundclick plays, merely because they have algorithms just like Google and can tell when someone is falsely rigging the plays and that user can get their account suspended. Back in the day a lot of people were able to come up using this tactic but Soundclick pretty much has that on lock by now.

Buying promotion from Soundclick can help but it really only works for a couple of days or so. I have had a #1 song in the hip hop genre for 2 days while running a promotion and then the second day be at #65 or something.

soundclick beats and instrumental charts

These promotions can be a short term fix but the real way to sustain long term traffic is to produce new content all the time and by new content I mean, Song, Blog posts, Videos, etc.. You need to be connecting with the people and Google will reward you for those connections.

And Finally….

Getting More Plays on Soundcloud Free

Unlike Soundclick, Soundcloud hasn’t been around as long, but is definitely making an impact in the music community online. The free trick to getting more plays on Soundcloud is the exact same as getting more plays on Soundclick. Their music player can be embedded and can be implemented into a website for maximum amount of exposure but if your looking for an easier way: just add yourself to groups. Find as many groups as you can that are related to your music or genre and add yourself to their group and post your tracks to the group playlist. I was able to obtain 1000 plays or more the first week and I’ve been getting around 200 plays per day on my beats.. I actually just starting doing this about a month ago and already have over 5000 plays.

Perform searches on Google for “SEO my Soundclick” or “SEO my Soundcloud”. I will also eventually be creating content for “SEOing” Soundclick and Souncloud pages.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Beats Site

So you want to get more traffic to your beats site huh? Or, maybe you are trying to get your beats heard by 1,000’s of people all over the world.  Yeah me too, and that’s the whole reason for this article. This article is designed to bring traffic into my beat selling website by targeting users who are interested in content related to beats and instrumentals. You probably were searching Google for a site that would give you information on getting more traffic to your beats website or getting more plays on your Soundcloud and Soundclick pages. Well, that’t the trick, it’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I write a very informative article about getting more plays or getting more traffic to your site and you find my article online because Google knows its a well written article related to what you are searching for. You find my article in the search engines and then visit my site. The fact that you visited my site tells Google that they were right for ranking me in that spot and is a signal to confirm that I have content related to beats and instrumentals on my site. That signal lets them know that they can rank my site for beats and instrumental related material, thus giving me more traffic to my beats site for other searches like “buy beats“, “free beats” and more… Here’s how that traffic turns into money for me even if someone doesn’t buy my beats.

I hope you enjoyed this article on “how to get more plays on your soundcloud and soundclick accounts. Please leave comments for any tips or tricks that I didn’t mention. Please don’t comment negative if you don’t choose to put in the work to see if these methods work. My website is receiving over 1,500 hits a days using these methods, so, I know that they work and these are the tactics that all the most popular sites online are using, not just music ones.

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Music Beats Blog


Here you will find all kinds of helpful information about selling more beats, getting more plays on Soundclick and Soundcloud, how to get placements on TV and Film, links to the top free beat sites and more.

Next Steps To Becoming a Successful Rap Artist


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Shia Labouf Exposed: Fakes Freestyle & Plagiarizes Lyrcis From A Song Called “Perfectionist”

By now I’m sure you have all seen the video of Shia Labouf Freestyle rapping. Well, you might of all been tricked. It seems as if someone has spotted a whole in his lyrics. Yahoo new seemed to had a lot to say about Shia’s plagiarized lyrics. “Turns out all of shia freestyle rhymes might not be original” says Yahoo News in a recent story put out about Shia’s “Freestyle” Rap. Freestyle being in quotes due to the fact that not all of Shia lyrics were actually his own.

Yahoo News wrote, “While it is certainly entertaining, it turns out that not all of Shia’s rhymes are original.

One line raised some hackles: “The rare commodity, the quality is what it’s gotta be, and my philosophy is farther than what your eyes can see.”

According to Pri the Honeydark of the group Anomalies, Shia ripped that line from her group’s 1999 song “Perfectionist.”

“You can’t rip songs from my Anomalies crew, recite them in freestyle as your own, then not expect to be called out by ACTUAL MCs!… This is straight disrespect to lyricism,” she wrote on Instagram.

Tsk tsk, Shia. Don’t you know plagiarizing is a no-no?”


Here is the video of Shia Labouf Freestyle Rapping Plagiarized & Original Rhymes. Skip to 2:22 to hear the exact part he steals.

Check out the video below to hear the exact life Shia Labouf Plagiarized. Skip to 0:50 seconds to hear the exact part.

In the video you see Shia throwing up gang signs, comparing himself to pac, claiming that he is “cuzzed out” (meaning accossiated with a L.A. gang known as the “Crips” that refer to themselves and members as “cuz” or “cousin”) and also refers to himself as being a “Jew”. Not sure if Shia is actually affiliated with the crips or not but its safe to say he should be careful throwing up gang signs anywhere near Los Angeles, California. Looks like he was rapping somewhere out in the country for this video, so it is safe to say he might be OK for now.

Not all of Shia Labouf rhymes were original but he does come up with some pretty original lyrics that don’t sound to bad “eating any rapper like im eating tuna casserole” that line was pretty hot!!

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3 Reasons To Buy Beats vs. Downloading Them For Free


Hey guys it’s Efreezee here from I appreciate you guys coming through my site. 

I definitely want artist to progress and I know sometimes that means giving away free beats so artist can practice their craft before they have to spend money. 

Although, downloading free beats can hold you back in the long run if you don’t eventually decide to buy your beats.  

Check out my 3 reasons you should stop downloading free beats.


  1. You are not eligible to legally sell your music on itunes, cdbaby, tunecore, bandcamp, taxi etc…

You can’t legally sell your music if you don’t buy your beats. When you make songs using free beats, you can only use your instrumentals for YouTube, Promotional Videos, Non-Profit Use, Giveaway Albums or Mixtapes, and you don’t own rights to your own music and cannot make any money selling your music.


Free beats are for promotion only. That means that you can’t even accept $.99 cents for your hard work, sweat and tears you put into your music. 

Why waste all that talent on a song that’s never going to be eligible for the billboard 100. Plus, free beats aren’t really respected in the music industry and most industry execs find them repulsive and overused. 

You’ve heard all the jokes about artists still having the tag on their beat and their song is all about money and how much they are balling with cash but got no doe to purchase their instrumentals. Don’t be that guy that “stunting on the beat” with the tag says “purchase your tracks today”.

  1. Buying beats shows that you are serious and other music professionals will be likely to invest in you.

angry beats

Think about it. If you’re an artist and can’t sell your music, how are you going to make money? Sooner or later you are going to have to start purchasing your tracks if you want to compete with serious artists and legally have rights to your music (Non-Exclusive or Exclusive etc…).

buy beats non exclusive

Although, if your music is genuine and you contact the producer you want beat leases from, it is likely that a producer might sponsor you if your music is good enough and they see potential for growth with you. 

After all, making a song takes collaboration between the producer and the artist and having a team is almost a have-to in this industry, especially if you’re looking to be an independent artist.

I’ve noticed that the artists that collaborate with the producer directly, meaning, make some form of contact or establish relationship with them, end up receiving the most exposure the quickest.

Hip Hop Charts Soundclick Exposure Plays More

Artists and producers on Soundclick and Soundcloud are pretty much revolutionizing the way artists are receiving high exposure at an accelerated rate.

soundclick plays

I’ve heard of some these underground artists getting 300,000+ plays night after night and it all started by collaborating with the producers that are on the top of the charts. 

The artist buys the beat from the producer – artist makes the song – producer puts that song on his/her account – instant exposure. It literally happens that fast and it’s actually a tactic that I have used myself on my Soundclick Page. 

I still have an account on their but I’ve moved away from having my main profile on a secondary site. I recommend building a website vs a profile on someone else’s music site, but for if you are a new artist, both of these sites make a great starting point.

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