Kanye calling out all names in his most recent diss track against Drake, Steve Harvey, Bill Cosby, Nike and more…  Watch the video just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Lyrics are included in the video.

Kanye West “Facts” Video W/Lyrics

Kanye west releases new diss track titled, “Facts” on New Years Eve 2016, a day before the new year. It’s seems as if Kanye is speaking up on everything that he is feeling in 2015 by calling out Nike, Drake, Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey and more. Read below to see what Kanye West had to say about everyone.

kanye west disses steve harvey miss universe facts diss track new songs

Kanye West’s Diss @ Steve Harvey

Kanye Steve Harvey Diss: Kanye said this, “did he Forget the name just like Steve Harvey?” Kanye is referring to Steve Harvey, a popular TV host well known in the media and loved by millions.

Steve recently made a mistake while hosting a popular award show by announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant. Steve immediately realized what he did and whole heartedly apologized to the contestant/audience right away.

Mr. Harvey even went out of his way to apologize to everyone on social media as well by posting this to his status “To everyone, please accept my sincerest apologies. It was not my intent to hurt any one. Sister Odell is a made up character, she’s not real and my intent was not directed at any other real person. And most certainly was not directed at any one you know. Again my apologies. The problem with comedy is ALL subjects can offend someone. Please forgive me if you were ….. DONT TRIP HE AINT THRU WIT ME YET”.

steve harvey apologizes for reading wrong contestants name at miss universe pageant 2015

He even told and showed the audience that the correct contestants name was listed right there on his card the whole time but mistakenly read the 1st runner up as the winner. Most would say that he looked sincere and doesn’t need these extra little stabs at his mistake. Although, maybe, Kanye is still upset about the push back he received about his big outburst with Taylor Swift back in 2013. Kanye did pay big for interrupting Taylor Swifts award acceptance speech at the 2013 VMA’s and maybe this is his way of “paying it forward” to the industry. We believe Steve Harvey made an honest mistake and doesn’t deserve to be scrutinized in diss tracks. He’s a Game Show Host for God sakes!

kanye west disses bill cosby facts diss track new song

Kanye West’s Diss @ Bill Cosby

Kanye Bill Cosby Diss: Kanye dissed Bill Cosby by stating “do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby” Didn’t you ever hear the old saying, “don’t kick a man while he is down” Kanye? Bill Cosby is already dealing with multiple lawsuits like the sexual assault case in Pennsylvania and doesn’t need the extra negativity. Bill actually was on track to buy out NBC a couple of years ago but the owner of NBC said that they are not for sale. Bill has enough going on right now Kanye, give him a break!

Kanye’s Diss @ Nike

Kanye Nike Diss: Kanye also makes an unexpected diss at Nike by saying, “If Nike ain’t have Drizzy, man they wouldn’t have nothin“, Were pretty sure that Nike would of been just fine without Drake. They have been making Millions before Drake was even born and have numerous contracts with major NFL and NBA teams. Not mentioning the Lifetime contract they recently signed with Lebron James. Also, takes a second shot at Nike by saying “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, they lined up for days – Nike out here bad they can’t give s**t away” Now if this isnt the most underated statement of Kanye’s life. Hes mentioning a company’s who’s market cap is 86.2 billion dollars and is #18 in the worlds most valuable brands according to Forbes. It’s safe to say that, Nike won’t be responding to Kanye’s outburst anytime soon. We’re pretty positive they have multi-billion dollar problems to worry about.

kanye west drake diss facts diss track new song

Kanye’s Diss @ Drake & Future

Kanye Disses & Future Drake? Kanye hints at dissing Drake and Future by rapping the lyrics, “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman” Is this a reference to Kanye jumping over Drake or Future? I hope not, Kanye does have a lot of fans but Drake is no doubt, the #1 guy in the rap game right now!

Now this isnt the first time Drake and Kanye have had Beef, the linked article contains all of the past history of Drake and Kanye’s on going feuds.

He says “I just talked a lot of s**t but I just did the numbers“, wait, did he just say he did the numbers? We just did the numbers as well, and this is what they are looking like for these 2 artists latest tracks. It seems as if Drake is doing 10+ times the numbers Kanye is doing! Just check out there latest videos for instance.

Drakes most recent song Hotline Bling received over 297,000,000 views on YouTube alone. Kanye’s most recent track only received 28,000,000 views on his song Only One ft Paul McCartney. Also, and not to be biased to Kanye but, we listed to both tracks, and it was a 4-0 win for Drake on the Hotline Bling song vs Kanye’s Only One. Also, just look at the Social Media impact Hotline Bling had with Drake’s funny dancing, the numerous memes it had, parodies and funny videos made about it increasing its exposure.

Yeah people were making fun of it but Drake was making fun of people the most, the more people that watch his videos, the more he gets paid. Every time someone watches on of his videos on YouTube he earns a certain amount of money for each view. Yes, Kanye is known to be worth more than Drake at the current moment, but time will surely show the true victor is this battle between Kanye and Drake.

Kanye For President? Kanye states that “2020 Ima Run the whole election”, This comes as a surprise to Kim Kardashian who says on the Ellen Show “this is news to her”. Kanye actually seems like he is serious about running but no one knows for sure if he is actually going to be a candidate or not. Someone needs to give Donald Trump a run for his money. This would be the election talked about for centuries. Knowing Trump’s racist tendencies, it would be funny to watch how he talks about him. A lot of the readers we talked stated that they thought Kanye running for president was a Joke, but Kanye states that he absolutely serious. Only time will tell if Kanye actually decides to run or not.

Kanye seems like he is only getting started with his well know antics and outbursts, most well known for his statement against the former president of the United States” George Bush hates black people” that he stated on a live viewing on MTV several years back.

Hopefully Kanye is going to wake up one day and realize that he could be a much more valuable person if he starts focusing on real world issues and ways that he could help out others instead of just bashing people or dissing them. Get the message out to Kanye that if he is Jesus (or Yeezus, as he likes to refer to himself as) that a lot of people need saving and that he should use all that money to help people.

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