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If you are searching for “Free Instrumental Beats” or “Instrumental Beats MP3 Download” while looking to free beats, MusicBeats.Net is your #1 source! Here you will find rap, hip hop and r&b music instrumentals. *Download the high quality mp3 files to your computer,  mobile phone, or tablet by using the links below! Please read my rules for using download my free instrumental beats below.


Listen to audio and download instrumental beats by clicking on the links below.



Download more free instrumental beats by using this link. Now that you’ve downloaded some my free beats find out what to do with them next! View my post titled Next steps to becoming a successful rap artist. Click Here to buy beats.

I only have a few rules when it comes to downloading my free beats and instrumentals. Please read my easy to follow Rules To Download the free instrumentals below in the terms and conditions tab: You can use my beats for free as long as you don’t make money off of them. Give the proper credit to Efreezee @ MusicBeats.Net.

On you can download free instrumental beats to use for Mix-tapes, Albums, Movies, Freestyles, Dance Videos, Gamer Music, Workout Music, Rap Instrumental Downloads, Background Instrumentals for Youtube Videos, non-profit TV & Film projects, Beats for Songs and more.

Not only do I offer free downloadable beats but I also show artist how to jump-start their music careers. Click here to find out the Next steps to becoming a successful rap artist. Share you completed song with me for a chance to be featured. *Mobile and tablet users can download the beats to your device.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions For Download Free Beats & Instrumentals

Please keep in mind that all of these free beats and free instrumentals are for promo purposes only and no actual money can be made using the free versions of these tracks. If you would like to sell your music you need to Buy Beats. I eventually have beats with hooks as well.


Why should I use Promtional instrumentals & Beats From a.k.a. Freezee Productions LLC?

Free beats are a great way to make music cheaply and easily. It’s a great way to explore different types of beats without committing too much to just one. Also, this gives you a chance to try before you buy.

Some producers frown upon artists using a free beat as they state it lowers the amount of money people make off selling beats. I disagree I think it puts you in the face of a lot of potential beat buying artists. Feel free to download as many of my beats as you like!

Will Other People Be Using These Free Instrumentals Too?

Yes, there will be other artists that make demos to these free instrumentals too but, your goal is to make an awesome track and do more with your song than they do. You want to make a creative music video to go along with your song, even if it is created with your cellphone.

Making music videos and sharing them at places like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to promote yourself online. *Tip – Make a creative music video and share it on Facebook. If you are using my free instrumentals, I will help you boost the post to get more exposure, likes and shares.

Can I Download One of Your Non-tagged free instrumentals for no cost?

No, Non tagged beats and instrumentals are for beat buying clients only. If you would like a beat that has no tags on it, please see my buy instrumentals page. Honestly though I have had artist do so good on their track that I end up giving them a non exclusive for no cost. Do a great job and we can talk business.

Can I Use Your Free Instrumental Downloads for a Mix-tape, YouTube Video or Album that I Am Working On?

Absolutely, Just Use the Links to download them, see above. Make sure you give credit to Efreezee @

Use the social locker or subscribe to my email to be able to reveal the links to the downloads. Please represent my business in a positive light.

Thank you for visiting, the #1 Website Online to Download Free Music Beats & Mixtape Hip Hop Rap Instrumentals.

How To Download Free Beats

How Do I Download Your Free Instrumental Beats?

You can listen to the free beats by clicking on the name of each instrumental. To Download free beats just click on the links that say “download”. Save the free mp3 download to your desktop or smartphone.

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