Hey guys it’s Efreezee here from I appreciate you guys coming through my site. 

I definitely want artist to progress and I know sometimes that means giving away free beats so artist can practice their craft before they have to spend money. 

Although, downloading free beats can hold you back in the long run if you don’t eventually decide to buy your beats.  

Check out my 3 reasons you should stop downloading free beats.


  1. You are not eligible to legally sell your music on itunes, cdbaby, tunecore, bandcamp, taxi etc…

You can’t legally sell your music if you don’t buy your beats. When you make songs using free beats, you can only use your instrumentals for YouTube, Promotional Videos, Non-Profit Use, Giveaway Albums or Mixtapes, and you don’t own rights to your own music and cannot make any money selling your music.


Free beats are for promotion only. That means that you can’t even accept $.99 cents for your hard work, sweat and tears you put into your music. 

Why waste all that talent on a song that’s never going to be eligible for the billboard 100. Plus, free beats aren’t really respected in the music industry and most industry execs find them repulsive and overused. 

You’ve heard all the jokes about artists still having the tag on their beat and their song is all about money and how much they are balling with cash but got no doe to purchase their instrumentals. Don’t be that guy that “stunting on the beat” with the tag says “purchase your tracks today”.

  1. Buying beats shows that you are serious and other music professionals will be likely to invest in you.

angry beats

Think about it. If you’re an artist and can’t sell your music, how are you going to make money? Sooner or later you are going to have to start purchasing your tracks if you want to compete with serious artists and legally have rights to your music (Non-Exclusive or Exclusive etc…).

buy beats non exclusive

Although, if your music is genuine and you contact the producer you want beat leases from, it is likely that a producer might sponsor you if your music is good enough and they see potential for growth with you. 

After all, making a song takes collaboration between the producer and the artist and having a team is almost a have-to in this industry, especially if you’re looking to be an independent artist.

I’ve noticed that the artists that collaborate with the producer directly, meaning, make some form of contact or establish relationship with them, end up receiving the most exposure the quickest.

Hip Hop Charts Soundclick Exposure Plays More

Artists and producers on Soundclick and Soundcloud are pretty much revolutionizing the way artists are receiving high exposure at an accelerated rate.

soundclick plays

I’ve heard of some these underground artists getting 300,000+ plays night after night and it all started by collaborating with the producers that are on the top of the charts. 

The artist buys the beat from the producer – artist makes the song – producer puts that song on his/her account – instant exposure. It literally happens that fast and it’s actually a tactic that I have used myself on my Soundclick Page. 

I still have an account on their but I’ve moved away from having my main profile on a secondary site. I recommend building a website vs a profile on someone else’s music site, but for if you are a new artist, both of these sites make a great starting point.

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  2. thanks for the advise. look forward to working with you.

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