It’s widely posted on the site (A Positive Beat Selling Website) that music producer “Efreezee” only prefers positive or Christian like artists to rap to his beats. Now, this comes to be a shocker to most people that find his site on Google because the artists that usually visit his site are people from all over the world including 220 countries and counting. Not every artist that come to the site is going to be positive or Christian so why would he do something like this and steer away customers from his site?

Well, to answer that question, he’s not necessarily steering people away from his site, just filtering out the kind of content he wants produced on his tracks. He wants to make an impact on the industry with artists that have a positive message and can deliver their music in a powerful way that naturally attracts followers and influences positive behavior and positive attitudes.

music beats positive producer Efreezee

Efreezee said this statement when we asked him why he only wanted to make beats for positive artists. He told us, “Once I’m gone, I want to feel like I actually made a positive impact on the world in some way shape or form. Negativity spread more negativity and nothing good will ever come from that. I wasn’t always the most positive person and I have had my share of mistakes but I have always wanted to make music that inspired people to make better choices. I think I could of avoided a lot of the mistakes I made had I listened to more positive music on a regular basis. One thing that inspired me to make this choice was when I saw Michael Jackson on stage singing “Man in the Mirror”. A popular song from the 90’s that spread the message ”If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change”. I remember making videos of myself preforming MJ’s songs in my room while I mimicked his dance moves and vocals performances. I saw a concert of his once where a woman passed out in the middle of the crowd because she was so overcome by his performance and the feeling/emotion he put into his music”.

“I will never forget that moment. It inspired me to create my own music. Not only that, but he also produced songs like “We are the World” that brought together major artists from all across the board fusing multiple genres to present one of the greatest songs of all time. That’s something I have always talked about if you knew me, is the fact that artists have an incredible amount of power and influence on people in general but most directly with the teenagers. It has been proven that teenagers will walk, talk, act and dress like the music they listen to. It’s crazy to think that music could influence your behavior or attitude, but take dancing for instance. Doesn’t good dance music make you want to get up, clap, stomp your feet or bob your head? Yes, of course it does, otherwise musicians would be broke and out of work. I’m not saying that people are going to mimic every move of their favorite artist just by listening to a song a couple of times, but people learn from their surroundings and if music is part of your daily life then you are going to be around it sometimes longer periods of time than you are around people. I know kids who listen to music all day, sometimes mine do, but I also coach them on what they should take away from the music and encourage them to listen to tracks that spread positivity and self-growth. Hopefully it will save them a lot of grief in their future by listening to people who lead healthy lives on a regular basis. I want to hear people say “Man, your music inspired me to do ____,” Your music helped me get through a tough time” “I love your message and I can’t wait to see you make it big” “I know god is going to bless you one day”. I’ve already dealt with enough evil in my life to last me for the rest of it and all I want to do is make a change for the better. I am starting with myself and I hope that I can lead others to do the same. I always told my Grandma and my Mom that I was going to do something really big one day and I think I’m on the right track to doing just that but I need yall’s help. The only way I can make it is with artists”.

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“I need artists to take my beats to the next level and incorporate good morals and lessons in their music. I need artists that aren’t afraid to be different than the rest of the artists that are in the industry. I need artists to create music that they know is good and heathy for people and something they could play for people of all ages including children. I need artists that are positive, but have a past that made them work extremely hard to get that way. I need artists that can do everything I just mentioned but also go harder, rap louder, speak more intelligently, more confidently and more passionately than any other artists in the game. I want to literally punch them in the face with positivity and make them wonder why they never made positive music sound so hard!!”

beat site with the most plays

Time will only tell whether Efreezee is hurting himself or not but from what he told us his beat selling site is getting over 1600 visitors per day, is known in 220 countries and is just about to reach 1,000,000 plays on his beat player. Not only that, but his music has aired on National and International Cable TV Networks including the National Geographic Channel, CTV in Canada and the Esquire Network. Not so bad for a positive beat maker huh?

  1. man…………….. I love that im all about positive music & I soooo feel the same way wow!!!! all smiles

  2. Your absolutely everything I stand for 🙂 Love the Beats … AMAZING!!!

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