Joseph Andrew Farrow of Jackson, Missouri has been deemed a great father by his son Erick B. Carlson. This is a high honor to receive and only great men that have done great things can receive this award. A list of reasons why this award was given are listed below.

Reason Why Joseph Andrew Farrow Is A Great Father

  • You always made sure my family was ok when I was young. I remember my mom being broke all the time and we would be getting evicted from place to place but I remember sometimes she would call you and you would bail us out of a tough situation. That really helped her not freak out and made me happy to have a stable home even if it was only temporary.
  • You taught me about computers! That knowledge has helped me spread my wings as an internet marketing specialist. These skills are quite possibly going to turn me into a millionaire in the very near future.
  • I have great memories about us driving a hole bunch of places, driving in a stadium parking lot, riding and studying for an airplane license, singing “I love rock and roll” and more.
  • You passed down an incredible brain that will make some major changes in the world!
  • I love fireworks and think about you every single year during the July 4th season. I used to love when you would come to Grandma’s house during the summer even if it was only for a short amount of time. I loved the parties you would throw and still talk about them and that basement downstairs to this day.
  • Your love for music somewhat inspired me as well. A ton of the old songs I know are because of you and some of them inspire me even to this day. Mama I coming home, I love rock and roll, Queen and others I don’t even know the name of haha.
  • I know I was a but load of trouble but that’s because I basically lived on my own and raised myself. It was probably hard for you to deal with me at times but you actually did a decent job and didn’t physically abuse me (that actually means something to me believe it or not).


I love you man no matter what! The past is the past and the future is bright father. I wanted to put together this post so that it would be here forever and you will always be able to remember these positive things about our relationship. If you ever want to see it or show it to someone, just type in your name on Google and it will come up.

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