Aubrey Ray Winters of Phoenix, Arizona has been deemed a great father and husband by his son Erick B. Carlson. This is a high honor to receive and only great men that have done great things can receive this award. A list of reasons why this award was given are listed below.

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Reasons Aubrey Ray Winters Is A Great Father

  • You came into our lives willing to take on the challenge of being a step parent to 2 very independent children raised by a very independent woman
  • You went to work every day for 13+ hours/day just to bring in money to make sure our family was had a place to live and food to eat
  • My mom told me a story once about how you took some money out of the safe at your job one time just so we would have food for us to eat (that story made me cry)
  • You put up with me and my sister as crazy as we are
  • You taught me how to work on cars and that skill has helped me make over $1,000+ dollars on the side, save $1,000’s of dollars on auto repair and help me understand more about engines in general (which helps me in my current SEO position)

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Reasons Aubrey Ray Winters Is A Great Husband

Aubrey Ray Winters Great Father & Husband

  • I know my mom is crazy lol and anyone who chooses to be with her even after seeing how crazy it can get deserves some recognition
  • You support my mom’s hard working efforts even though she is away sometimes or works non-stop (It takes a confident person in their relationship to do so)
  • My mom still loves you and is still with you so that proves that you must be doing something right (Sagittarius women like change a lot)

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Happy Father’s Day Aubrey

I love you man! Happy Father’s day! I wanted to put together this post so that it would be here forever. If you ever want to see it or show it to someone, just type in your name on Google and it will come up.

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