Download Audacity Free by using the links below.

Download Audacity Free For Windows Or Mac

You can download Audacity free for Windows or Mac computers by using the links below:

Audacity Download Free

Audacity Download Windows

Audacity Download Mac

Audacity Download MNU/Linux

What Is Audacity?

Audacity is music recording software for your computer or laptop that allows you to play, edit and record sound files in a easy to use interface. Audacity is very similar to other music recording software like Fruity Loops Studio, Pro Tools and others.

Audacity Pros & Cons

Read the pros and cons about Audacity below:

Audacity Pros

Resources – This program will take some getting used to it does come with quick start guides and other types of helpful resources. There is also a bunch of videos online made by Audacity and other enthusiasts that will help you get started quickly. A lot of music producers and engineers use this program for music production.

Effects – There are tons of effects like leveler, hard limiter, compressor, auto duct, amplify and more that make Audacity a fully functional music recording software. You can ever record your voice through the software on a previously recorded project or audio file.

Audacity Cons

Downloads – Files are easily importable and exportable but in order to access of Audacities full potential, you have to download a bunch of additional programs.

Should I Download Audacity Free?

You should only download audacity free if you plan on trying out the software to see if your like it. That’s what free software is for. If you like end up liking the software and find it useful, purchase the full version of Audacity.

More About Audacity

According to its developers, Audacity is an audit recorder and editor that is cross platform and open source. It can play and record sounds, import and export MPS, WAV, OGG and AIFF files and more. Easily edit your tracks using simple to use cut/copy/paste features with unlimited amounts of undos. You can also mix tracks and apply FX to your recordings. Furthermore, it also has a customizable spectrogram mode, amplitude-envelope editor and frequency analysis window.

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