Thank You For Purchasing My Beats

Thank you for your purchase!

Your order has been accepted and processed.

A link to download your purchase has been provided at the bottom of this e-mail. Download links will expire within 48 hours of transaction.

I appreciate you purchasing my beats. Not too many people invest in their career.

To show my appreciation I want to offer you advice that can help you out in your future.

Do great work with my tracks and I will try my hardest to get you involved with getting your music placed in TV and Film as well as offer advice on what you can do to stay ahead of the competition and get exposure.

When you complete a track, always send it to me right away so I can critique it and let you know what needs to happen to be able to get placed. There is no guarantee that your tracks will get placed but I will try my hardest to work with you and get your tracks sounding professional. There are some things that I will be able to teach you for free but if you are unable to do what needs to be done you might need to hire a professional.

I know plenty of people in the industry that do great mixing and mastering services for a great price. If we can get your tracks sounding clean and crisp it will make all the difference.

Take your time. Don’t rush it. If your track is great it will be known for years to come. Think about it. Are people still singing Michael Jackson songs? Absolutely. His music is timeless. Make sure you are creating timeless records.

If you ever need help please contact me. I’m only a email or a Facebook message away.

[email protected]

DOWNLOAD LINK (expires in 48 hours)

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