Instrumental Name: “Speak Somethin”

Produced by: Erick “Efreezee” Carlson

Track Length: 3:11 | Download Size: 7.88MB

Genre:Hip Hop, Rap

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1. Listen To The Hip Pop Instrumental

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Download “Speak Somethin” Produced by Efreezee

  1. like

  2. Shits dope kid
    Lookin to jump bakk in the game
    Fres out of prison
    Jus wanna do my own thinh
    Dis time

    1. I got your back man, hopefully you can make it on the right path this time!! I’m with you bro!

  3. What type of music you like?….&what do you write about?


  5. I like this beat foreal I got a hook and verses ready. I would like to speak more with you about a beat package.

  6. im feeling this Fam

  7. can u help me in producing my music beat

    1. I have produced music for over 15 years now, I can definitely help you. Let me know what you need.

  8. ur beats are gud

  9. Efreezee I’m from Detroit mi. Downloaded some beats ripped em people living the sound we creating need more work we getting a buss here holla for more info need beats asap for production wanna keep using it shit…. Hit me up at [email protected] to get the rest let’s talk….

  10. like very good

  11. these beats are awesome great job bra

    1. Thank you Bro! Much love

  12. I Love this beat. I write my own songs. I went to a studio to record and got my music stolen from me so now I would rather go solo.

  13. OMG i like it

  14. Efreezee, hopped on your site less that an hour ago and already hooked to you. Thumbs Up

  15. i like your beats but the problem is
    we are far from each orther

  16. Man this ish is hard body bruh! My type of work 4sho!!

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