If you’re searching for soft instrumental music or soft background music free download mp3, MusicBeats.Net is your #1 source.


What Is Soft Instrumental Music?

Soft instrumental music typically consists of slow tempos piano’s, strings, light percussion, etc. I love creating these types of instrumentals because I usually end up making more of a emotional connection with them. All of the beats you will find on my site are created by me, Erick “Efreezee” Carlson. Soft R&B music has always been a favorite of mine every since I was young.

I loved listening to a lot of 90’s R&B artists such as Dru Hill, Usher, Mariah Carey, Boys 2 Men, SWV, Toni Braxton, Keith Sweat, Genuwine, Michael Jackson (My Fav), Jagged Edge and more. These fine artists were experts at making soft music sound passionate. They all have an influence on me and you will probably find some of that influence in some of my work.


Free Soft Instrumental Mp3 Downloads

Please feel free to download as many instrumentals as you like. Only thing I ask is that you credit me (Efreezee @ MusicBeats.Net) in the Video or piece of work you put out and share this page on social media. I’m a one man band and need as much help as I can get. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to see and hear the work you create soon.


Another R&B

Play the mp3 here: Another R&B

Download the mp3 here: Download



Listen to the mp3 here: Poetry

Download the mp3 here: Download


On Deck Now

Listen to the mp3 here: On Deck Now

Download the mp3 here: Download


The One

Listen to the mp3 here: The One

Download the mp3 here: Download



Listen to the mp3 here: Westside

Download the mp3 here: Download


Real R&B

Listen to the mp3 here: Real R&B

Download the mp3 here: Download


Beautiful Emotional

Listen to the mp3 here: Beautiful Emotional

Download the mp3 here: Download


So Soulful

Listen to the mp3 here: So Soulful

Download the mp3 here: Download


Can U Feel Me

Listen to the mp3 here: Can U Feel Me

Download the mp3 here: Download


So Long

Listen to the mp3 here: So Long

Download the mp3 here: Download


How To Download The Free MP3’s

Download the mp3’s to your computer or smart phone by clicking on the link that says “download”. I phone users can listen to the instrumental and save it to their phone by clicking the upload button once you make it to the screen where you play the instrumental. Android users can download the instrumental directly to their smartphone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use your soft instrumental music for background music in YouTube or Facebook videos? Yes, you can use my instrumentals as long as you don’t make money off of them. If you wish to monetize your videos with my instrumentals you will need to purchase a lease. Please note that if you use my beats on Youtube, Adrev will monetize the video on my behalf.

Are these instrumentals copyrighted? Yes, I own all of the copyrights to all of my instrumentals.

Can I use your instrumentals in a corporate video production? Yes, as long as you purchase a non-exclusive lease to use my work. Leasing rights start at $35 for a non-exclusive lease to use one of my instrumentals.

  1. Thanks for the good work….the beats was a delight. please we need jazz instrumentals… thanks very much

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