Mixing and Mastering Services | Online and Professional

Mixing and Mastering Services | Online and Professional

professional mixing and mastering services


Want to get your song professionally mixed and mastered?  Look no further; you have come to the right place. Our mixing and mastering professional can help you get that radio- quality sounding track you have been looking for. Our pricing is relative to the rest of the industry but our team of experts can offer so much more!


Not only do we offer mixing and mastering services for your band’s CD, but we also offer them for beats if you are an upcoming producer who is looking for that extra edge. If you want your beats sounding more industry quality, we can help. Get a quote from one of our professionals to find out how we can upgrade your sound!


Step 1.

Submit your track for a mixing and mastering price quote using our upload form, then add any specifications you would like us to know before offering you a quote.


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Given the specification(s) you have added, once the track is received our audio professionals take a close listen and assess the workload of the track.  This can vary greatly and is mainly dependent upon the number of separate files we are performing services on.  (For example, if you just want a beat mastered, that is only 1 file so the quote would be much lower.  If you wanted that beat to be mixed and mastered which would require you to send each channel from your beat separately, then we could be looking at lots of files, therefore the quote would be higher due to the increased workload.)

Step 3.

You will then be sent a price quote and information regarding the duration it will take to complete your project.

Step 4.

If you agree to the price and length of process, we send over a payment invoice for you to make your payment using a credit card or Paypal. (We do not accept checks)

Step 5.

Once a payment has been made, our audio professionals will mix and master your tracks within the time discussed in your quote.



Email Us: [email protected]

or Please Call Phill Real @ 1 (337) 852 – 1167 

Professional Music Mixing and Mastering Engineer:

phill real professional mixing and mastering engineer

Birthplace:                 San Jose, CA

Lives in:                       Reno, NV

Phill Real is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound engineer and producer. In 2001 he taught himself to play guitar and later moved on to learn bass, drums, keys and voice from other outlets.  He has played many roles in lots of bands with the genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Metal.  He continues to make his mark as a musician with beat production, audio engineering, vocals, mixing and mastering for New Age X.

In college he studied MIDI, recording technology, music fundamentals, music history, music theory and advanced mixing at the University of Nevada Renoand Truckee Meadows Community College.  During his studies he had the pleasure of learning from professional audio engineer Tom Gordon, who has worked with  Dr. Dre, Boyz II Men, Willie Nelson, and many others.  In 2013 Phill earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nevada Reno in General Studies with a minor in Psychology.

Phill decided to focus on a future in audio by dedicating his time to beat production, mixing and mastering for all kinds of artists worldwide.  He is now the head mixing and mastering technician for beatdownload.net and has 27 beats contracted to Access Hollywood TV.

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