What is it about music that attracts and mesmerizes people? The answer to this question could spurt many interesting responses! Playing Music has the power to bring people together, no matter what language they speak, what culture they follow, and what faith they practice. Two people from very different countries with nothing in common can love the same piece of music.

Music is Universal!

Music has an impact on our lives in several different ways. There’s music that makes us dance! Music that makes us sad….it usually helps people get over a difficult breakup. Gyms use music to motivate people to exercise more! Music is like a drug, people are addicted to it and they need music in their lives for different reasons.

How does Playing Music Change your Life?

According to soundchime.com, thinking about music from a musician’s perspective will highlight different aspects of music and the different ways it inspires and helps them to produce music. Musicians have shared that they get their motivation to produce and play music from their everyday life.

Taking inspiration from Surroundings

One of the first life-changing experiences of a musician is that they take inspiration for music by exploring the surroundings nearby. Some musicians play instinctively that it’s hard for them to describe their feelings when they play music. Taking inspiration for tunes from everyday life gives them a chance to see things with a new perspective – or in a broader context.

Every musician has their own unique approach to producing and playing music and no two musicians will play the same instrument in a similar way. The uniqueness is what makes a musician produce music that affects people in ways that can’t be explained.

Helping People with Music!

Many musicians will agree that they love to perform for a live audience. Despite having some stage fear and nervousness musicians have described performing live the most life-changing experience. The response, love and admiration they get from performing for a live crowd is an exhilarating experience.

Seeing that the music they play has a very calming or soothing effect on the listener is truly life-changing. It inspires musicians to produce music that can touch the hearts and help people heal from their loss of a loved one, a bad breakup or even in their financial struggles, music is used as an escape.

Music helps Expressing Emotions usually Difficult to Put into Words

Expressing Yourself With Music

Several things can act as an inspiration for musicians. It comes to them when they seek motivation and ideas to produce music. Thoughts and ideas come together and help operate the music in a way that makes the process much easier to understand.

We often find ourselves out of words to describe an emotion or feeling- musicians are not different. The only difference is that it makes it easier for a musician to express their feelings and emotions better than words. it’s an empowering emotion to know that people use the music as a means to relax and sometimes, music is used to be more productive at work!

Some people have described that listening to music makes them focus better and concentrate on specific tasks. So, making music to express yourself could act as a means for someone to make big discoveries! Nothing is more empowering or life-changing than helping someone go through their life with music.

The Ability of Music to Heal People is Life Changing

Music for many people is a chance to go through some of their toughest times and this is what acts as an inspiration for musicians. Technically speaking, music can change moods as science has shown that musical notes are actually the frequencies of sound that has a pleasing and in some cases a healing effect on those who are suffering.

So, it’s very safe to say that frequencies produced by playing music have a positive effect on our body and soul! In this aspect, Steven Halpern, a musician famous for producing music that could heal people has worked on many projects that have helped people fight depression and loss.

Dopamine is responsible for all the “feel good” emotions, and music is known to contribute to increase dopamine levels in people. It helps cope with negative emotions and depression.

Music Brings Other People into your Life

Think about the musician who plays music to earn enough tips to make ends meet. Some people ignore him, others pay him and others who listen or dance to the tunes. In any case, the musician who plays a tune brings people together and somehow relate to the musician and the music. Music in every form acts like a magnet that attracts people! Music is entertaining, exciting and capable of changing moods. For musicians life is like a musical note, the ideas and emotions are like natural keys that help them stop questioning their destiny.

Music Helps in Self-Discovery

Ask any musician about how music has changed their life and most of them will say that music has helped them discover their individual personalities! Music helps a musician see things clearly and in a different perspective. The fingers and the hands of a musician are guided by inspiration, emotion and their natural instincts.

Picking up a musical instrument, start playing a tune with the fact that as a musician you can play this tune as is or you can make changes to the tune and beats as you wish is empowering! It depends on your choice and your own free will. Every time they play music, it helps the musician to be motivated and inspired and ready for a new challenge.

Playing music for others is life changing in so many different ways that many musicians find it hard to explain the feelings they get from making music for others. They create music and leaves the interpretation of their music to the listener.

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