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How to Create a Converting YouTube Video for your Business

YouTube is a powerful tool and can be used to create brand awareness and attract converting customers if used correctly. Video marketing is undeniably current — because it converts! Use the following steps to plan, film, and edit a successful YouTube video to take your inbound marketing campaign to the next level.

Create a script before filming and stick to a timeline

To get the most out of your YouTube video in terms of conversions and viewer engagement, make sure that you stick to a timeline for your video. In an average 10-minute video, take no longer than 1 minute for the introduction. Introduce yourself, your business, and give a small amount of information about the history of your business or what services you provide. It’s important to keep this section of the video concise — after all, your viewers are likely there for the content, not you.

Next, either solve a problem, teach a concept, or speak about a particular topic. (6-7 mins) This is the main content of your video, and it’s important that you are providing value to the viewer. Create a video that is useful to the viewer in some way or teaches them something, and you will build trust with that viewer. This is the first step in taking that viewer from someone who has never heard of your brand before and turning them into a loyal customer. Break down the topic of your video into main points or steps. Then get these main points down on paper and follow each one with the main content script.

Finally, summarize the video and provide a call to action. (2-3 mins) Decide what it is you want your viewers to do. Visit your website? Sign up for your email list? Purchase a product or service? People are much more likely to do something if you ask them to. A great example of a call to action is letting people know that if they sign up for your email list, they will receive a free PDF with more information about the video topic. Include a link to your email list signup at the top of the video description and make sure to let your viewers know that they can find this link in the video description. Get your summary and call to action down on paper, then use this script to film your video.

Edit for brevity and clarity

While editing your video, make sure to remove any sections where you may have gone off-topic or done any ranting. Viewers will click off of your video if you don’t cut out any unrelated tangents. Make sure that you’re speaking plainly in your video – if you find yourself using too many technical terms, you may want to consider re-filming a section. Add any photos to your videos that may help to explain concepts more clearly. Photos can elevate the level of clarity in your video by providing a visual example of whatever you are explaining.

Make use of keywords in the title and description of your video

What keywords are you ranking your video for? Make sure that you use your main keyword in the title. Then, use all of your keywords in the description of your video.

YouTube allows for up to 100 characters in your title. This being said, your viewers will only see the first 70. Keep your title 70 characters or less and try to place your keywords as close to the front as possible. Putting the keywords at the front of your video’s title will help it rank better in searches.

You can put up to 5000 characters in the description of your video. It’s recommended that you do use up as much of this limit as possible. Search engines will only show the first 100-150 characters of your description.

Do these steps correctly and you’ll have a high-converting, sharable YouTube video that provides value and builds trust with your potential customers. If one of your videos helped them solve a problem or understand a new concept, they will be far more likely to watch the next one you put out. If you’ve engaged them with your video content, eventually they will complete your call to action, even if they don’t on the first view.


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