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Emotional Music Instrumental Mp3 Download

These are emotional music instrumental mp3’s that I personally made (Erick Efreezee Carlson owns the copyright to all of these instrumentals). Feel free to use these for Youtube Background Music or other projects you have.

“Classy So Right” Produced By Efreezee

[download id=”2873″]

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“Real R&B” Tagged Produced By Efreezee

[download id=”2859″]

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“WestSide” Instrumental Produced By Efreezee

[download id=”2861″]

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“Allure” Tagged Produced By Efreezee

[download id=”2864″]

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“Beautiful” Tagged Produced By Efreezee

[download id=”2867″]

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“Can You Feel Me” Produced By Efreezee

[download id=”2870″]

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“McKnight” Prod By Efreezee

[download id=”2882″]

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“On Deck” Prod By Efreezee

[download id=”2885″]

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“Poetry” Prod By Efreezee

[download id=”2889″]

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“Progression” Prod By Efreezee

[download id=”2891″]

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  1. I love your work man,superb you kno!

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