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Gunna Type Beat | Dark Trap Beat | Hard Freestyle Instrumental – “Slow”

A “gunna type beat” is a type of instrumental beat that is inspired by the style and sound of the popular Atlanta-based rapper, Gunna. Gunna is known for his melodic, trap-inspired style of hip-hop, and his music often features slow, syrupy beats with heavy 808 bass and dreamy, atmospheric sounds.

A gunna type beat will typically feature similar elements, such as a slow tempo, heavy use of 808s and other bass sounds, and atmospheric or ethereal melodies. These beats are often used by aspiring rappers or producers who want to create music in a similar style to Gunna’s. The term “type beat” is often used in the music industry to describe instrumental tracks that are similar in style to a particular artist or genre.

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Rod Wave Type Beat | Beat Instrumental | Freestyle Beat – “Slow”

A Rod Wave type beat is a style of instrumental music production that emulates the sound and vibe of the music created by the American rapper and singer Rod Wave. Rod Wave is known for his emotive and introspective lyrics, and his beats often feature melancholic and soulful melodies over hard-hitting drums. A Rod Wave type beat typically has a slower tempo, a prominent bassline, and uses live instruments or samples to create a warm and organic sound. Producers who create Rod Wave type beats often use piano, guitar, or strings to add emotional depth to the music. The overall goal of a Rod Wave type beat is to capture the same introspective and emotional vibe as the artist himself, and to provide a platform for other artists to express their own emotions through their lyrics.

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