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Change Sentence With Same Meaning

Are you searching Google for “Change Sentence With Same Meaning” or “rewrite sentences without changing the meaning”? If so, that probably means you are looking for easy ways to rewrite words (essay, article, blog post etc) without changing what the words mean or plagirising. If that’s the case, this article will be very helpful to you. These are the top ways to rewrite sentences without changing the meaning of the words. This will help you quickly change sentences to keep the same meaning

Best Ways To Change Sentences With Same Meanings

Here are the top 8 ways to change sentence with same meaning.

  1. Use Synonyms Or Similar Words

The best way to change a sentence without rearranging the words, while also keeping the same meaning, is to use synonyms. Synonyms will help you simply replace a couple of words in a sentence to make it unique. This is also very beneficial when rewriting web content, so that you pass a plagiarism detector, not get penalized for duplicate content, and saves a lot of time.

Example Sentence:John went to the store everyday for 2 solid weeks.”

Rewritten Sentence With Same Meaning:John went to the market daily for 2 whole weeks.”

You see how I just replaced “store” with “market”, replaced “everyday” with “daily, and replaced “solid” with “whole”. Those are very simple changes that made this sentence unique to any plagiarism detector or duplicate content checker.

  1. Copy The Idea, Not The Words

Copy the ideas of the sentence, not the actual words. You basically want to sum up what the writer is saying in their sentence but use your own words instead.

Example Sentence: “Our main goal is to provide affordable SEO services and top notch customer service”

Rewritten Example: “Our SEO and customer service team are among the best in the industry”

You see how I’m using a different sentence structure, using “our team” instead of “service”, and making a statement, rather than proposing a goal. We do this, instead of, our goal is to do this.

  1. Change The Order Of The Words

One of the best ways to rewrite sentences while keeping the same meaning is to change the order of the words altogether. I actually did this a little bit in tip #2. You see how I switched around the order of the sentence to have the main topic of the sentence 1st. That’s also an example of using active and passive voice, which I will get into for the next tip.

  1. Using Active & Passive Voice

One of the best ways to change sentences while keeping the same meaning is to use active and passive voice.

Sentences in active voice are also more concise than those in passive voice because fewer words are required to express action in active voice than in passive.” Perdue Owl

Example Sentence:The article will be rewritten by our SEO team

Rewritten Example:Our SEO team will rewrite the articles

In a sentence that uses active voice, the sentence’s subject performs the action the verb expresses. One easy tip to remember, if your passive voice sentence uses “by”, it will be very easy to turn into active voice.

Example Passive Voice Sentence:My mom got hit by a car

Example Active Voice Sentence:A car hit my mom

This is an easy way to rewrite sentences while keeping the same meaning and making the sentences shorter.

  1. Paraphrase

To paraphrase, you basically sum up what the idea of the author in your own words. This means that you need to read carefully and try to understand the content as clearly as possible so that you can use your own words to describe it.

Example Sentence:I got a number 1 ranking for the keywords “change sentence with same meaning” just by taking ideas that were already there and rewriting them into my own words

Rewritten Sentence Using Paraphrasing:I basically researched of bunch of content about changing sentences to keep the same meaning, rewrote it to be my own unique words, and now my website shows up #1 when people search for similar topics.”

As you can see, I had to have knowledge of what a number 1 ranking was to even be able to paraphrase that statement well.

  1. Change Sentence With Same Meaning Generator

You can use free article spinners that will replace synonyms for you. Although, I don’t suggest doing this as it can sound really weird sometimes. Below you will see an example sentence before using an article spinner, and then an example using one. You will clearly see why I am warning you.

Example Sentence:I am about to show you an example of what a “spun sentence” looks like after using an article spinner like the one I found on This article spinning website actually ranks for the same keywords I am using to create this article.”

Example Sentence After Using Article Spinner:I am close but no cigar to unmask you an lesson of what a “spun sentence” looks love after per an stipulation spinner savor the such I bottom on This stipulation spinning website necessarily ranks for the cognate keywords I am via to incorporate this article.

As you can see, this article spinner did a horrible job at rewriting this content. I would never throw something like this on one of my client’s websites. They would fire my company immediately. Also, you would sound “plain stupid”

Example From CSGENERATOR.COM: “This is an example of using the top ranking change sentence with same meaning generator from I have a feeling this isn’t going to work too well.”

Example Sentence After Using CSGENERATOR: “This is an example of utilizing the top ranking change sentence with same meaning engenderer from I have a feeling this isn’t going to work too well.”

As you can see, even the best generator out there doesn’t do that great of job at rewriting content. It barely changed any of the text and left one sentence without changing anything. This would not pass a plagiarism detector.

Furthermore, Google knows the difference between quality and low quality content. Plus, your readers will be left thinking, “is this person retarted?”. Do yourself a favor and write your own content with your own voice. Try as hard as you can to understand what you are reading before writing it and you will have a much better chance at producing a quality piece of content your readers will love. Plus, Google will reward you with high rankings.

  1. Hire Article Writers

The easiest way to rewrite a sentence to keep a similar meaning is to hire someone else to do it. You can outsource your content to article writers that can charge as low as $10 per 1200 word article. This helps you save time by not having to rewrite content yourself. Although, if you are personally trying to get better at writing. This tip won’t really help you all that much.

  1. Change Sentence With Same Meaning Using Word Order

Change sentence with the same meaning using word order by re-stating the sentence in a different way.

Example Sentence:He had a habit of smoking.”

Rewritten With Same Meaning: “He doesn’t smoke anymore” or “He quit smoking

The structure “had” is used to talk about the past, which is now over.


Changing sentences to keep the same meaning gets easier as you practice it. Use the tips I’ve provided above and try using some of your own ideas. Get your own voice, make tons of new content and keep writing!

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