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Motivational Beats/Instrumentals Download Free MP3

These are my custom made Motivational beats-instrumentals I have available for free Mp3 download.

Welcome to MusicBeats.Net, your #1 source for free Motivational Instrumental Music Mp3 downloads.

If you would like to download motivational music beats for film feel free to do so below. All of the mp3’s have their own play buttons and download links are right under the song names.

If you would like to buy motivational instrumentals, please use the beat player on the front page of this website or click on the tab that says buy beats.

Please only use my instrumentals for positive projects only or ones that have a positive message. The title says motivational beats download and that’s exactly the kind of work I want done to these beats. I want someone to do something positive to them in a really hot way. Impress me with positivity.

Also make sure and give proper credit. For example, if you use my beats for a YouTube video, put the link to my website in the description section of the video. Example Credit link: Motivational Beats Download By


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Motivational Instrumental Music Mp3 Free Download

Description: HipPop is exactly what the name says, a hip hop / pop beat fusion that also incorporates a couple of dub-step breaks during the chorus and bridge. This has a happy motivating/inspiring feel to it that also has a hardcore edge to it during certain parts. This pop beat can be used for rap songs, pop songs, hip hop songs, and more. Listen to this free motivational instrumental mp3 below or download by clicking on the link above.

Description: Extravagant is an uptempo hip hop beat great for workout motivation music at the gym, run, lift etc. This beat has a very determined type of feel to it. Very urban but uses lot’s of different types of instruments to pull the whole track together. The hard hitting drums will definitely motivate you to complete any task at hand.

Description: Mixed emotion is a beat with mixed emotions both positive and negative that come together to create a motivating type of beat that will give you the inspiration to start the day and get things done. This instrumental is filled with light and airy sounds accompanied by dark bass notes and hard hitting 808 sounds. The free motivational instrumental mp3 is available for free download above.

Description: Feelin is a very motivational type of beat that will get your day started with hard hitting drums, flowing synth lines and filtered low end sounds. It’s the perfect beat for working out, increasing your mood or getting an energy boost.

Description: The beginning is a rough and tough track that will leave you feeling like a champion. This instrumental is featured on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. It contains plenty of hard hitting drums, low 808 sounds, FX, Strings, bells and more. This track is perfect for motivating yourself to accomplish any goal. Wait until the end, this track goes into a complete dub-step like formation.

Description: Thee Banger has an irresistible synth line that leads the track along with the hard hitting drums and snare rolls. This track is one of those beats that you could ride to in a car or hit the gym with. The 808’s give this motivation beat all the energy it needs to get you up and moving around.

Workout Motivation Music Mp3 Free Download

Workout Motivation Music Mp3 Free Download

To download my workout motivation music mp3’s, please visit my other post. I made an hour long workout motivation mp3 that is perfect gym motivation music. It’s also the perfect length so you can get in and out of the gym in one hour. It goes a little bit over but that’s perfect for when you are cooling down. You can also download each mp3 individually if you don’t like the entire mix. I arranged the instrumentals so they don’t start out too strong and don’t end too hard. Thank you all for coming by and being so positive. I made this just for you guys, leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the workout motivation music! – Efreezee

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