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Make Your Own Rap Beats Online Free or With Computer

Learn how to make your own rap beats online, with or without your computer by using this beat making guide! 

This article will teach you how to make your own rap beats online, how to make rap beats on your computer, and how to make rap beats on your iPhone.

There are tons of free beat making programs online and for your computer that we will discover here. Plus, we will even show you a couple of iPhone and Adroid apps that will let you make beats on your smartphone.

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Making Your Own Rap Beats Like The Pros

How To Make Your Own Rap Beats Like The Pros

You can either use free beat making sites that allow you to sequence beats online, or you can use beat making software that will require you to download and install it on your computer before using.

However, beat making websites that allow you to program rap beats on their site are usually very basic and won’t allow you to fully customize your beats to sound like the pros. Only high quality downloadable software will allow you to customize the beats the way you need to. Beat making programs like like FL Studio and more will give you full capabilities of real music producers.

Either option you choose, we still want to inform you on the pros and cons of each way to make your own rap beats. So, we went ahead and put together a list of the best free beat making websites online and free downloadable beat making software for your computer, so you can get quickly started making instrumentals for free.

How To Make Your Own Rap Beats Online Without Downloading Software 

1. Beat Lab – BeatLab is a fun place to make your own rap beats, and contains a sequencer that plays a loop over and over again while you select certain segments to play at the touch of a mouse. These sections contain bass, hi hat, snare, synth, piano sounds, effects and more… Beatlab has over 60,000 sounds to help you make your own free rap beats and instrumentals online. You can even save your tracks and share them with your friends on Facebook, twitter, YouTube and more.

Make Your Own Rap Beats Using BeatLab

Quick Video of Beatlab’s User Interface:

2. Button Bass – A free to use online program/application created by Jason in 2007.

Make Your Own Rap Beats Using Button Bass

This program lets you mix up music samples and push buttons to create your own beats. It’s fairly similar to Beatlab, but is a lot more fun to use and has cool instruments you can play on instead of using a sequencer like online beat creators. You can choose from different sounds such as piano, drums, instrumentals and guitars. You can also select sounds by Genre including: Dubstep, Electro, Classic, Trap, House, EDM, Electronica, Techno beats, Hip Hop, Raggaeton Genre’s and more… Button Bass is awesome and I have been using it for years. He even has embedded codes for you to put his instruments on your very own site so other people can make beats on your site too.

Quick Video Clip of Button Bass’s User Interface:

His beat-making-site will also teach you how to:

  • Play Piano
  • Choose different songs
  • Play Piano Effects
  • Record Voice Sample
  • Learn how to use the Play Mixers
  • Embed Beat-Making-Widgets in your web page
  • Record your song
  • Download your beat

Instructions on how to make beats on Beatab:

  1. Click the dots on the grid with your mouse to highlight the sounds.
  2. Add sounds by clicking the “add sounds” button.
  3. Scroll through and select the category you want. List of sound categories are below.
  4. Select the individual buttons to highlight different sounds to play at different times.
  5. Save you track to your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
  6. Listen To and Play your new custom created rap beat on your speakers or headphones.

Here are a list of the sounds and instruments they offer to allow you to make your own rap beats.

  • Drum Beats (8296)
  • Bass Sounds (3762)
  • Vocal Hits (5583)
  • Natural (274)
  • Guitar Loops (1930)
  • Techno/Electronic Sounds (4398)
  • Miscellaneous (2815)
  • Piano Notes (1456)
  • Can Samples (219)
  • Strings Samples (950)
  • Phoenix (58)
  • DJ Effects (774)
  • Brass Instruments (178)
  • Woodwinds Sounds (127)
  • Arcade Sounds & Effects (381)
  • Loops & Samples (3981)
  • Uncategorized Sounds Loops and Samples (41599)

They even have leaderboards that keep track of the most liked beats this week.

3. online beat/song making program for your computer that uses cartoon and beatboxing characters in order to create-your-own-beats.

Make Your Own Rap Beats Using Incredibox

You select the instrument buttons and place them on the characters by using your mouse/keyboard and the character will start making different sounds depending on what type of instrument, effect, or vocal sample you placed on them. It’s pretty basic, but really fun to use. Although, If you are looking to make professional beats this probably isn’t the online application for you.

Incredibox V1 The original 2009

Quick Video of Incredibox’s User Interface:

4. Jam Studio – You don’t have to have a computer for this application, but it works well with one. Jam studio is a free application online that lets you build your tracks just by visiting their site. This application is similar to garage band but doesn’t have nearly the same features. You can select key signatures, styles and instrument to build your songs. Create Music Beats The online music factory Jam remix chords loops

5. Mixxx – A free music creation application that you can download to your computer. Mixxx lets you DJ your own songs and mix them. Import your tracks, then adjust tempo, pitch, crossfade and more… DJ your songs like a pro. Available for Mac or PC.

How To Make your Rap Beats On Your Computer using Mixxx Free MP3 DJ Mixing Software

Internet Sites With Beat-making Tutorials 

1. Beats 101 is a beginner’s guide to creating beatmaking studio on your computer without having to spend thousands of dollars on beat-making software.

2. Make Beats Online – This site contains tons of step by step tutorials and instructions for music/beat creation.

How to make your own rap beats on your computer with beat programming software

How To Make Your Own Rap Beats Using Fl Studio

1. FL Studio 12I personally use FL Studio 12 to make rap beats for my own website MusicBeats.Net.


Beat Making Software

The best way to make your own rap beats on your computer is by using Fruity Loops Studio. FL Studio has all of the capabilities of high dollar beat making programs like Avid Pro Tools or Logic Pro, but at an affordable price.

This affordable beat making software for MAC or PC has come a long way since it released its first version back in 1997. FL Studio (Also known as Fruity Loops) is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that was developed by a Belgian company called Image-Line. FL Studio is a user interface pattern based sequencer that is one of the most commonly used software’s for beat creators around the world. Not only can you create beats using this beat making program, but you can record full songs with vocals and live instruments in them. It’s well worth the money and sure to create radio ready beats.  Comes packed with thousands of sounds, loops, presets and more to get you started making instrumentals as soon as you launch the program. They even have a sample track that is loaded to get you started.

Quick Video of Fl Studio’s User Interface:

Fruity Loops Free Download

You can download a free version of Fruity Loops Studio that will allow you to fully customize your beats exactly how you want them but you will not be able to save them until you have purchased the full version of FL.

Honestly, I suggest purchasing the full rights to FL Studio. It really does have a lot of capabilities which makes this beat making program’s music possibilities endless. I have been using FL Studio for about 11 years now and I can tell you that, I haven’t even learned the full capabilities of this software yet. If it doesn’t have it, then a plugin will. Fl allows almost any VST plugin you can find online, and will work with Major plugin software like Nexus, Albino, and Native Instrument Plugins like Komplete. Want to add loops and sample packs from Ynk Audio? You can do that too! FL Studio accept all types of music files – Wav, Mp3, and more.

2. GarageBand – Garage Band is a professional music studio for your computer that allows you to make all types of music and beats.

Make beats for free on your mac computer using Apple GarageBand for Mac

They have a complete sound library that comes included with your software and have presets for vocals, instruments and guitars. It is a super easy to use interface to allow users to play, learn, create, record, save and share your music/beats worldwide. It’s so easy to use that even kids can and do use it every day. This program is usually only available for Mac but has software you can get to make it compatible with windows. You will have to purchase this program it doesn’t have a free version.

Quick Video of Garage Band’s User Interface:

Make Your Own Rap Beats On Your Iphone App

How To Make Your Own Rap Beats On Your Smartphone

EasyBeats LE Drum Machine Free MPC is a free rap beat making app for iPhone that allows you to use a drum sequencer to make 4 bar beats in seconds. Download their beat making app here.

Drum Pads 24 – Make beats and music is another free beat making app for the iPhone that allows you to make beats and music by tapping on 24 colorful pads. It’s stocked with high quality samples and different genres of music for selection. Download their free app here.

Disadvantages of Rap Beat Making Apps 

The disadvantage of free rap beat making apps is that they are all very basic and don’t allow for much customization of your beats.

If you want a truly powerful beat making app for the iPhone that can make incredible sounding beats for cheap, you want to download a beats app that will get you sounding like the pros! That app is Fl Studio Mobile for Iphone. It will cost you upwards of $14.99, but your beats are going to come out sounding way more professional than any free app will ever do.

Although, these smartphone beat apps are only going to get you so far in you music career. If you are looking to step your producer game up from a little app on your iPhone, to actual computer software or online sites, you should go with the software!

Hope you enjoyed this list of ways to make your own rap beats. If you loved it, leave a comment below!

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