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How To Get Your Beats Heard & Sell Beats Online 2016

In this article we answer the questions:

  • How to get your beats heard? Solution Provided
  • How can I get my beats heard? Solution Provided
  • How do I get more plays on my beats? Solution Provided
  • How do I start selling more beats online in 2016? Solution Provided
  • How do I get your beats out there? Solution Provided
  • How do I get placements on my beats? Solution Provided
  • How to get  my beats placed with major artists? Solution Provided
  • How to sell more beats using search engine optimization? Solution Provided
  • How do I search engine optimize my beats site? Solution Provided
  • How can I get more plays on my beat selling site? Solution Provided

I get a lot of question like this this question I found on the Future Producers Forum.

User Dumpmatic asked the forum, “How can I get my beats heard?

This producer wanted to know how he could make money selling his beats online. 

“He said, he wanted people to hear his stuff and that he though it was pretty good but he wanted to make money off of it too. He went on to say that he had spent money on music equipment and wanted to make his money back and some more on top of that.”

How to make money selling beats is a common question I get asked by many producers and is the whole reason I put together this article for you guys.

To Answer His Question: How can I get my beats heard and sell beats online in 2016? Answer/Solution: I see the solution already without even listening to his beats.

Listen to the first thing he said. He says he is spending nearly all his money on equipment and now needs a way to make his money back. Well, I think he is already doing it wrong from the jump.

He should of been spending the majority of his money on marketing his beats online.

Definition of marketing according to Google: “The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising“.

I think that 80% of that money he spent should have gone to marketing and only 20% should of went to new equipment.

A lot of producers fall short when it comes to spending money on marketing because of two reasons.

1. They don’t know or think they need marketing


2. They don’t know where to spend the money at to get the best results. He should of been investing in marketing since day one. I would never suggest starting a beat selling business without first considering marketing.

Selling Beats Online 2016

The best place to spend your marketing dollars for beat sales is creating a beat/instrumental selling website, doing search engine optimization to that beat site and paying to keep it running.

Marketing your beats is the fastest way to sell more beats, get a lot more beat plays and make a name for yourself as a producer/beat maker. The fastest way to market yourself as a producer is create a strong beat selling website (see below), search engine optimize your beats site (see below), market your beats on your YouTube channel, and get placements on TV & Film (Easier Than You Think).

Solution 1. Create A Beat/instrumental Selling Website

Here’s what you will need to create a strong beat selling website:

Here are the individual elements you will need to create a strong beat selling website online.

  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Be willing to write a lot of Articles/Blog Posts or spend $ on them
  • Be willing to Create Pictures & Graphics or spend $ on them
  • An Embedded Beat Player or E-commerce beat store(optional)

Not only will a strong beat selling website help your sell beats in 2016 but it will also help you get your beats heard by millions. So if your looking for “how to get my beats heard?” you should seriously think about reading this entire article. I have put together all of the ingredients that helped my site receive over 1.2 million visitors.

Look at that date in the picture, it’s from yesterday. I’m not playing guys this is real talk. My best traffic ever just happened as soon as yesterday where my site got visited by 2,520 people in one day. I promise if you read this entire article and follow the links, you will absolutely learn how to get your beats heard and start selling more beats online in 2016 free of charge.

how to get my beats heard by 1000000

Why create a beat selling website to get your beats heard?

Having your own business website helps create credibility for your business. If the customer doesn’t trust your site, they wont buy your beats. Plus having your own site lets you customize every element of your site to be Google Friendly.

If you aren’t very tech savvy with the computer you should invest in a web designer that can help build you beat site for you or you could just start your own free website.

However, the free website builders only allow a little SEO optimization (I explain more below, I know this is confusing at first but stick with me) and won’t rank high enough to get people to find you by searching online.

The only beat sales you ever get will be from direct marketing. Follow the steps below to create yourself a real beat selling website that will get you selling more beats in 2016, 2017, and beyond.

Website Hosting | Web hosting for your beat selling site

Phoenix Website Hosting Services Company in Scottsdale AZ

realiable website beat website hosting company

In order to create a website, you must have hosting for it. Hosting is basically the foundation of your website, kind of like the land a house sites on. Your website needs a place to rest its head and that’s where your hosting comes in.

You can find reliable hosting it a lot of different places but the top two website hosting companies are Webtechs.Net and Both of these hosts are extremely reliable but WebTech.Net comes in at #1 this time due to more server up time. Sometimes these hosting companies have issues with their servers and these servers being down could cause your site to experience whats called “down time”.

Typically Godaddy’s prices run around $90 dollars per year for hosting with an economy package.

Down time is a state where your website inst working or having errors, and you… are freaking out. Once you give them a call you soon realize that all your fuss was for nothing because they have your site back up in no time and let you know that any hosting company is going to have down time now and then.

Although, don’t take a million years trying to find the perfect host. Just get one and keep the ball rolling. Next, step is selecting a domain name.

Domain Names | .com For Your Beat Selling Site 

find the perfect domain name for your beat selling site on godaddy

You beat selling site’s domain name is very important and one should always keep “keywords” in mind when selecting a domain name.

Keywords, are the words that people are searching  for on Google when they are looking to either listen to beats, download free beats,  buy beats, or sell beats.

The words “buy beats” and “sell beats” are actually keywords. Your going to want to use some of these words in your domain name.

For example, I wanted to come up in the search for the keywords “music beats” so I chose the domain name “” You see how my website has the exact two keywords I wanted to rank for. You want to do the same thing and I’m sure your thinking, oh I’m going to get a site called “” because thats what everyone is typing in when they are searching to buy beats.

However, there are already tons of producers doing search engine optimization to their sites and most of the good domain names are already taken. Although, you can find domain names that use a variation of keywords that would work just as well. For example, users type in “buy hip hop beats online” all the time.

You could choose a domain name like and that would probably be available. Thats a pretty long domain name though and I would suggest buying such a long one. Try to incorporate your producer name in the domain name and you should be fine. Something like would be available and work just as well. Plus, the SEO (See way below) that you put into the site is where most of your rankings are going to come from so I wouldn’t about the domain name tooo much.

Godaddy’s domain names usually run around $16 dollars per year but you can get started for as little as $9.99 for your first year.

You can brand yourself with whatever name you like however, you should always keep in mind because Google loves when people have keywords in their domain names and is much more likely to rank someones #1 because they think the words searched for could be an exact match to the domain name’s keywords.

Look at the example below, this guy matched the his domain name with keywords he wanted to rank for perfectly. He used the keywords “sell more beats” and used those in his domain name Plus this lets the user know that they have found exactly what they are looking for without even having to click on the results.

Now that you know how to use keywords better, lets focus on getting you some more traffic to your beat selling site.

sell more beats 2016 example google search

Article/Blog Writing

If you want your website to rank highly in Google, you must either, have some really great connections or be willing to write a lot (or pay other people to write for you). It takes a lot of content (text, blogs, articles, pictures and activity) to rank highly on

The more activity your site gets, the better they rank you. The better you rank, the more people that visit your site. The more people that visit your site, the more people that buy your beats etc… You want to start blogging about the same type of subjects news outlets talk about, as well as informative news, history and information about your genre of the music industry.

For example, I am writing this blog post because I want google to show my site in the search results when people are searching for, 1. Selling beats and instrumentals, 2. How To Get Your Beats Out There, 3. How to Create Beat Selling Websites and Search Engine Optimize them. The stronger I make this post (More text, pictures, links to relevant information etc…), the higher Google ranks me in the search engine for the specific keywords like, “How can I get my beats heard” and “How do I sell more beats“. The higher Google ranks me for those keywords, the more traffic that visits my site. The more traffic that visits my site… Well, you know the rest…

If you don’t have time, you can always outsource your article writing to companies like that will do it for you. Also, WebTechs.Net just launched an awesome service where they create 1 long form blog post a month and share it across all of your social media channels for $300 dollars per month. It is extremely effective and has helped increase traffic to site owners by 300%.

article writing for your beats blog

People on Fiver will write articles for you for $5 bucks. There writing isn’t always the best but if you are a horrible writer or just really don’t want to do the work yourself, this is a pretty reliable option. Just give them an example of the type of article you want written or they can rewrite articles that are already out there.

Fiverr Search Results for article writing

Just make sure you do it better than the first guy if you are going to rewrite someone else s article. I did the same thing for this post. I found a ton of posts about selling beats but none of them were this in-depth. This post is over 2,300 words long and has a ton of more pictures than any other site or blog I viewed about selling beats.

Graphic Creation

You are going to need graphics in order for your instrumental site to rank well, Google loves graphics and ranks posts and pages with good graphics better than sites with no graphics (only if you compare two sites with similar website strength and similar text amounts). Take a look at the graphics I created for this post.

buy beats online google search keywords matchbuy beats online google search keywords matchcustom beat selling player from euphony beats soundginehow can i get my beats heard and sell more beats

All I did for this post was take a couple of screen shots of Google using Awesome Screenshot, created graphics in Adobe Photoshop CS4 to go with each section of this post and used screen shots of my stats section of my website. These graphics are going to help this post rank better because Google know that I want to deliver a great experience to my audience. Also, I have added whats called “Alt text” to all of my pictures. My Alt text or Alternate text is just descriptive form of text for a picture that helps Google understand what my picture is about. They cant see pictures like we can. They read them using alt text. In the alt text of my pictures, I used the same keywords that I mentioned above. Now that you know how to properly create graphics for your instrumental selling website, let explore some of the beat selling mp3 players / music streaming selling devices out on the market.

Beat Selling Players

If you have your own beat selling website, you are going to need a way to sell those beats. Either by using an embedded beat player or by setting up your e-commerce store. Your beat player is going to need to be able to let users listen to beats, download beats and buy beats. The beat players below will do all 3 fuctions.

The most popular beat selling players are:

Sell Beats Online With My Flash Store

My Flash Store is a popular beat selling machine that is capable of letting users play and buy your beats. They offer automated instrumental order delivery and multiple customization beat players/sellers. They have helped producers earn over 8,000,000 dollars in counting.

the cratez my flash beat selling online store

Sell Beats With Euphony Beats / Soundgine 

Formerly known as Euphony Beats, Soundgine is an awesome beat player/downloader. You must sign up for a monthly subscription of $9.99 a month but the player looks awesome and works like a charm. It also has a mobile version so your mobile users can have a great experience as well. This player also lets users share your beats on social media. Ask for Victor, he is awesome.

custom beat selling player from euphony beats soundgine

Sell Beats With Soundclick Page & Paypal

This is one way you can sell your beats online for free. Its not the fanciest way to sell beats but this is actually how I got my start online. I learned how to search engine optimize My Soundclick page to rank highly on Google and got enough traffic to sell my first couple beats. I realized right away that with all the work I was putting into my page was going to waste because, I was only helping out Soundclick more than I was helping myself.

I soon decided to start my own beats selling business by creating my own website and getting it ranking on Google. That was the best decision I ever made. Now, my beat selling site is getting over 1600 hits a day and selling a couple hundred dollars worth of beats every month. That’s not a fortune but it’s a great start while I’m steadily building up more and more blog posts to increase my traffic with. It’s not long before that turns into thousands. Now that you learned how to build your website, find hosting/domains and installed your beat player, let’s show you how to optimize your beats site to get more traffic coming to it.

sounclick beats selling player mp3 streaming

sell beats using paypal and soundclick beats player

Solution 2. Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Beats Site

Search engine optimization really means, “Changing your beat-selling-website to rank highly in the search engines”. What you are really doing is, changing certain parts of your website to make sure that Google knows 1. you are a producer and 2. you make and sell beats. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that you mention the right words on your website. You have to think about it from the customer’s standpoint.

If artists are looking to buy beats online, the first place they are probably going to look for beats at is search engine. Unless they know specific producers already, they are probably just generally looking for beat sellers at this point. They are probably going to search for words like “buy beats” or “buy hip hop beats online”. They are just looking for any producer at this point in the search. Look at the example below, the user searched for “buy beats online” and was presented with a set of search results that were relevant to his search.

buy beats online google search keywords matchbuy beats online google search keywords match

These site owners in this search result used search engine optimization to get their beat selling sites ranking higher. They changed the keywords in the title tag (the title of your page or website – Marked in Red) to “Allrounda Productions – Buy Beats Online | Beats for Sale” and also has his keywords in the meta-tag description (that area under the title tag – Marked in Red)

Once they find a result in the search engine, they usually click on that result and visit the beat maker’s site. Wouldn’t that be awesome if that result were you!

Well, that’s absolutely possible to do using search engine optimization for your beat selling site. Trust me, I have done search engine optimization to my beats site and now I have made 1,000’s of dollars selling beats online. Not saying I quit my day job, but with over 1600 website hits a day and an average of 862 unique users per day, my beats site is doing fairly well.

In order to search engine optimize your beats selling website to sell more beats you will need to follow the following steps. 

  • Find the highest traffic most relevant beat selling keywords using Google’s keyword tool. This tool will allow you to find other words like the example you provide
  • Use your beat selling keywords in your Title Tag
  • Use your beat selling keywords in your Description Tag
  • Use beat selling keywords in the alt text of your pictures
  • Use your keywords in H tags, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
  • Make frequent long form blog posts answering popular questions in the beat selling industry and things artists and beat buyers will be interested in. This is a sure fire way to get artists coming through your site and showing Google that you are popular in more ways than one

Solution 3. Marketing Your Beats/Instrumentals On YouTube

Search Engine Optimize Your YouTube Videos

You can use the same search engine optimization techniques that you used to optimize your site in your videos. Just follow the same steps to change the title, description and add tags using your keywords you found.

Creating Playlists Using Keywords

Create playlists of all of your uploads so that YouTube knows that you have a plethora of beats for users to buy. They are much more likely to rank you well in the video results. As we stated before, the better you rank, the more you sell.

Upload Videos of You Making Beats

Videos of producers making beats get viewed a lot. Try to come up with some funny or talent proving videos that show you doing what you love. Make it interesting and people are sure to watch your videos. Check out this video of my dog playing the keyboard to one of my beats.

Consistency of Videos Uploaded

YouTube likes to see that you are going to be uploading videos all the time. They wont rank your videos as well if you don’t upload frequently. Make sure and set a schedule for yourself to deliver videos at least once a week to get noticed. Also, this will brush up your video skills to make better videos.

Solution 4. Get Beat Placements On TV & Film

how to get your music on tv film and commercials

Getting your beats placed on TV and Film is easy compared to trying to get your site ranking on I wrote a pretty detailed article that contains the necessary steps to getting your beats and instrumentals placed on TV and Film Projects. That article will also talk about a new beat placement I just received on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I’ll even show you how I got it. It’s a very good article that will show you exactly what you need to know to get your own beats or music placed on National Cable TV Networks and more.


In conclusion, having a website and learning more about implementing search engine optimization to your site is a terrific way to get you ranking highly on Google. Having your own site will help bring in more traffic to your beats, which solves the problem of getting your beats heard, which inevitably helps you to sell more beats in 2016. I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment below with any questions you may have about selling more beats online or building your own beats site. 

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