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“Spanish Guitar 808” – Beats | Rap Beats | Freestyle Beats | HARD

“Spanish Guitar 808” is a dynamic and vibrant guitar beat that perfectly blends the traditional sound of the Spanish guitar with the modern beats and basslines of trap music. This free style rap beat is designed to bring out the best in any rapper, giving them the perfect backdrop to let their lyrics flow freely.

At the heart of “Spanish Guitar 808” is a hard-hitting 808 drop that sets the tone for the entire track. This drop is expertly crafted to hit hard and drive the beat forward, keeping listeners hooked from start to finish. The bassline is deep and powerful, providing the perfect foundation for the Spanish guitar to shine.

Speaking of the guitar, it is the real star of the show in “Spanish Guitar 808”. The guitar melody is catchy and memorable, with a distinctive Spanish flair that sets it apart from other rap trap instrumentals. The guitar riffs are executed flawlessly, adding depth and complexity to the track without ever overpowering the rest of the music.

Finally, “Spanish Guitar 808” incorporates popular sounds that you might have heard on TikTok or Instagram. These sounds add a contemporary flavor to the instrumental, making it the perfect backdrop for any rapper looking to create a viral hit.

In summary, “Spanish Guitar 808” is a rap trap instrumental that combines a hard 808 drop, a dope Spanish guitar, and popular sounds to create a dynamic and unforgettable beat. It’s the perfect choice for any rapper looking to make a statement with their music.

Categories Guitar Beats, Rap Beats

“Achievable” – Beats | Beat | Rap Beats | Freestyle Beat | Rap Trap Instrumental

“Achievable” is an instrumental that packs a punch, designed specifically for free-style rap enthusiasts who also appreciate the hard-hitting beats of trap music. With its combination of hard-hitting 808s, brass instruments, and expertly crafted guitar riffs, this instrumental is the perfect canvas for any rapper looking to showcase their skills.

The track begins with a subtle build-up, gradually increasing in intensity before unleashing a wave of powerful 808s that set the tone for the entire song. The brass instruments kick in next, bringing a touch of aggression and grit to the track. Meanwhile, the guitars add a sense of melody and texture, elevating the overall sound to new heights.

As the beat progresses, the various elements continue to build and interweave, creating a dynamic and exciting sound that’s perfect for any freestyle rapper. Whether you’re looking to spit some hard-hitting bars or experiment with new flows, “Achievable” provides the perfect backdrop for your creativity.

Overall, “Achievable” is a rap trap instrumental that’s equal parts aggressive and melodic, combining the best of both worlds to create a truly unforgettable sound. With its hard 808s, brass instruments, and great sounding guitars, it’s sure to become a staple in any rapper’s playlist.

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