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How To Sell Beats was created for producers to have a way to promote and market themselves without having to search all over the internet for tips like I did for years.

For Producers

Making Radio Quality Beats

  • How To Sell Beats 101?
  • Finding a Melody
  • Bass Lines, Percussion, Harmonies, MusicTheory
  • Finding the Right Sounds and Equipment
    • Samples and Sounds
    • Midi Keyboard
    • VST’s
  • Recording Vocals
  • Mixing and Mastering Your Beats
  • HQ Effects and Plugins to Use on Your Beats

how to sell beats Make MelodiesHow to Make BasslinesPercussionHarmoniessamples and sounds recording equipmentRecording Vocalsmixing and masteringhq effects and plugins

Get Your Tracks Online

  • Build a Website and make your own player
  • Use Online Music Sites like Soundclick, Soundcloud, or BeatBrokerz
  • Youtube, Myspace, some other Social Media Sites let you post music

create a website from scratch your music playerUploading Beats

Get Exposure to Your Beats

  • Started From the Bottom Now Your Here?
  • How to Get More Plays on Your Beats
  • How to SEO Your Website to Rank #1 On Google
  • Youtube Marketing Tips
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • Blogging and Writing Content Filled Articles That Rank
  • Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • Forum Marketing and Appropriate Conversation
  • Get Your Beats on TV and Film

starting from nothingget more plays on soundcloudhow to seo websitesocial mediayoutube marketingfacebook marketing twitter marketingblog marketingForum PostingGet on tv and film

Get Exposure to Your Songs

  • Business Cards
    • Vista Print (Custom)
  • Flyers
  • Events
  • Networking

making business cards making flyers for your businessfinding music events to attendmusic networking

Make Money

  • Selling Beats to Artists
    • Selling Beat Mix-tapes
    • In Bundles or Specials
    • Individual
  • Composer for TV and Film
  • Background Music
  • Workout Music
  • Massage Music
  • Sound Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Live Recording Jobs
  • Jingles
  • SEO
  • Marketing

how to sell beats Composer JobsBackground Musicmassage music jobs in sound making jingles for tv and filmseo job job in marketing

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