Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Question: Can I use your Beats for Mixtape, Album, Youtube Video, Anything that involves using a beat???
Answer: Yes Just Credit EFreezee or GetatMeforBeatsYall.com

Question: What if someone buys out the Exclusive Rights after I already purchased a (non exclusive) license?
Answer: As long as you licensed your beat before the Exclusive Rights were sold, all your rights remain intact and your lease is still valid and never expires.

Question: I wanna sell my music, can I use one of your free beats for that or can I use a UNTAGGED BEAT?
Answer: No if your are going to sell your music or a Untagged Beat, then you need to purchase a lease for the amount of sales you are expecting to make all the rights are broken down for you in the Leasing Rights section..

Question: Will you Let me use a beat that no one else has got on yet?
Answer: I could not possibly let everyone use a beat that no one has got on yet I would have to have a 100,000 beats. But what I will do is let you use one of the beats I got and if you make a Hit I will make sure you are one of the first people that know whenever I drop a new beat and I will help you promote your track. That way even if someone else has done something to it, Yours will always be the first one they see.

Question: Will you make me a Custom Exclusive beat just for me?
Answer: Yes for a fee though. All my pricing for for Custom beats are under my section on the Left called {{Leasing Rights}} just open the paypal tabs.
Please Contact Me if you Have ANY Additional Questions not answered on this Page. [email protected]

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