About Efreezee and GetatMeforBeatsYall

Efreezee and GetatMEforBeatsYall

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(Erick Braunson Carlson)
Produce/Composer/Artist  Custom Beat Maker.

Born in Cape Girardeau, Missourri
Birthday July 28th, 1983
Current Location: Phoenix, Arizona


I am a Christian man that is very passionate about music and the message we are bringing to the youth these days.  I want to bring Positive/Motivational/Christian Like music to the Mainstream.  In a very Powerful and in your Face type of Way.  For those who don’t care about Religion or Morals and just want to know what I can do for you as far as Exposure, Here are some of my Stats to let you know what I’m doing right now as far as getting out there and the kind of exposure I can offer you at this time.  Keep in Mind that I only wish to promote positive or transitioning artist.  Please don’t Spread Negativity with my beats.  So if you are positive or optimistic artists you are in the right place.


I started making beats when I got my first Keyboard when I was 17.  I could only record 2 tracks at a time and I would have played the percussion on 1 track and my melodies on the other.  It was never really a great way to record but at the time I thought I was so tight lol me and my boys when record our stuff on this little karaoke machine that I had that would make tapes.  We would go play those tapes for our friends who thought we were so awesome but I knew that this beat making stuff was going to a whole other level one day.  Needless to say the first day I ever touched FL Studio and really got to see how many possibilities there are with this music, I never switched to any other program and have been going hard now for about 12 years.

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