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Top 8 SEO Tips and Tricks

Here are the Top 8 SEO Tips and Tricks online to get your site ranking fast. Links to SEO Tools and Services are available on this blog.

Are you aware that Google rolled out another algorithm update called the “Hummingbird Update”? I have posted a detailed article on what to expect from the new update here


I know you probably hear this all the time but that’s because it’s one of the best SEO tips and tricks in the SEO world. A lot of SEO experts say that using back links to build ranking is going away but it is not gone yet. Get all of the links you can before it’s to late. I have heard this tactic referred to as Gray Hat SEO but technically any SEO is bad SEO, according to Google. Google says that you are not allowed to manipulate rankings in anyway. White hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat are all based on perception. There is no concrete definition on what is good or bad SEO but the ways I am teaching you are mostly considered White Hat.

Alright now, back to link building. Building links is simply having another site link to yours.  The best way I have found to build links is by article marketing.  Submit articles to sites like and link back to the relevant content on your site.  Article marketing is somewhat different than posting links on random sites.  The trick here is to write about your business without directly promoting it.  I know that sounds funny but it’s true.  Ezine Articles will not allow any self-promotion in articles but you can write about the type of business that you run. An example for an SEO business would be a top ten list of tips and tricks for website optimization.  This is an example of an article I created about the Top 3 SEO tips and tricks.


Getting article placements is one of the most important SEO tips and tricks. Writing articles is a very difficult task for some people but it is so worth it.  The amount of back link juice you can get from an Ezine Articles placement is amazing.  I went from page 3 to page 1 in the matter of days after getting a successful submission to their site.  It took me 3 articles before I finally got one placed but like I said the amount of juice to your site you get makes it all worth-while. Here are a list of the top ranking article sites online. PR Rank 8

2. PR Rank 6

3. PR Rank 7

4. PR Rank 6

5. PR Rank 6

6. PR Rank 6

7. PR Rank 6


Create blogs kind of like this one  This blog is simply to drive traffic and back link to my site. You get the point. Make a blog using keywords that are related to your business.  You can create articles to link to your blog as well and I actually suggest linking the article to your blog first and then linking your blog to your website.  Using a free blog creator like is a great way to start out with ranking already. Just use the right keywords that bring in strong amounts of traffic to your blog.  To find the right keywords, use the New Google Ad words keyword tool.  You can still link your blog to your website without creating articles but if you do want to rank higher I would suggest linking the articles to the blog as well.


Make miniature websites with free website builders. Website builders like already have a PR ranking of 3. Just create relevant content about your business and build a miniature site with links to your main site.  Create a couple of pages with at least 300 words on each page with keywords that are relevant to your original site. Just type in free website builder on Google search and you will find tons of free website builders.  This is a SEO tip that not too many people know about.


Go to Google search and type in what kind of business you have and put forum right next to it.  Example: For Storage Auctions I would type in “Storage Auction Forums”.  You want to find forums that are related to your business that you can participate in, but most importantly post links in.  Always read the forum rules before posting.  Some sites will make you wait until you have submitted a certain number of posts before you are allowed to submit links.  Usually no more than 50 posts or so.  Don’t be a spammer though.  Answer people’s questions and interact with people in a human like way.  Don’t post the same message in every forum. Most Forums allow you to add a signature. Do it, make sure you put your name and website in the signature of your posts. That will ensure that every time you post you are building a new link. This is a great SEO trick that not a lot of people use, take advantage of this tip.


Social Media sharing is one of the newest ways to build ranking to your site. The Google Plus one button is by far the most important thing you should be worried about when using social sharing for rank building. Add a plus one button to your site and try to get people to plus one you. The plus one is the same concept as a like button for Facebook. Get as many plus ones as you can. Facebook likes and shares for your website are really important as well. Facebook is one of the highest ranking websites online and getting liked and shared through them is becoming really important with Google’s search engine. Yahoo answers is a great way to build back link’s just by answering questions. The only place you can post the link is in the source so be careful about posting links in the body of the answer.

SEO Tip # 7. Most Important Tip | You have to pay for this one

Add a social locker to your webpage that locks the content of the webpage until someone likes or shares your page. This tactic can greatly increase your plus ones, Facebook Likes, and Twitter shares. Go to and get your social locker for your website and start locking your content right away. Do you have free products, free downloads, or free tips that your offer? Then a social locker is perfect for you.

I hope you enjoyed this list of SEO Tips and Tricks.  For the Best Phoenix Seo Company services please visit my website. Check out my list of the Top 5 SEO Companies  Also, if you want a step by step guide to help you optimize your webpages better, take a look at how to optimize your website for Google

SEO Tip # 8. Write Original Content | Google Hummingbird Update 

Having original fresh content on your site can be one of the most important things you can do moving forward with SEO and Google Updates. The new Google algorithms want fresh relevant content to your business that provides solutions to users problems. Users are searching more and more from their smart phones these days and using keywords in a different way that before. Before Google would only recognize users who would type in key phrases like, “tennis shoes” but now Google is realizing that people are searching for phrases like, “buy cheap tennis shoes”. In order to rank better all a user needs to do is add these kinds of queries into their content. Pose questions and answer them on the site. Google loves when you provide solutions to people’s problems. Your site might already be doing that but Search Engines can’t tell because it’s not written in text. Provide solutions with multiple methods, if you have a video, make sure that whatever is said in the video, is also said in the text so that a user that can’t watch the video, can still read the text. Google will also recognize that you have content that is relevant to keywords they should index you for.

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