What is Google’s Hummingbird Update |  What does it Mean For You


What is Google’s Hummingbird Update? Whats new in Google Hummingbird Update? News on the Hummingbird update and affects on SEO.

Google’s Hummingbird Update affected 90% of websites online with it’s new algorithm. It was easy to see that these kinds of changes were going to be taking affect on the search results from the last update. Google is striving to be the most user friendly search engine online and they are doing a great job by implementing the new Hummingbird algorithm. The new update mostly deals with the way users are searching web. For instance, if a user were looking for “Tennis Shoes”, they wouldn’t type in those words alone. They would type in a multiple keyword phrases like, “Where do I find the cheapest tennis shoes online?”. It terms of SEO, the new update has almost the same affect that the penguin update had just more in depth. Google was already starting to rank quality content higher and be more user focused with the last update. This update is more focused on how users search, rather than what they are searching for.


Google is moving towards quality content. They reward quality content, articles, and info that helps users navigate the web, or review a product or website. It’s simple, add more quality content to your site that answers users questions. Having frequently asked questions on the main page of your site is a good example of having content on your site. FAQ’s are questions and answers that help users make decisions and gather information about your site. The Frequently asked questions also help Google understand what your site is about and what solutions your site can provide for a search query. Think about it in terms of problems and solutions. The user is typing a problem into the search query and your site needs to be the best possible solution to that problem. Your site needs to address the problem and explain the problem in detailed text so that the search engines recognize it as a solution. Most of the time, the newest content ranks the highest, so keep that in mind and publish fresh new content all the time.

Building Links After The Google Hummingbird Update

It is still possible to build strong quality back links with the new update. For Example, If you wanted to build a strong quality back link with an article, you would want to write an article about a niche’ that helps users in some way, shape, or form. Give the readers of the article a piece of original informative content that they could not find on another site. For example, a top 10 list, do it yourself article, or a best companies for a certain niche’ breakdown.

Hummingbird Update Affects on Smart Phone Searches

Users are also doing more quick searches form there smart phones these days. Try to keep in mind the kind of lingo people use when doing a quick search on a smart phone. They don’t use complete sentences and they frequently add in a city and state into the search. For instance, a user is looking for a coffee shop in Phoenix, Arizona. The user would not use that phrase, they would use something more like this, “Coffee shop Phx AZ”. Titling your pages with keyword phrases that match users searches is the best way to SEO your site. What are users searching for in your niche’? What’s the top search results for your keywords? How did they structure their site? If they are still number 1, it is a good chance that they are staying withing Google’s guidelines and are someone you should take notes from.

How To Avoid Hummingbird Penalties?

Just do the same thing as I have been saying, add quality content to your site that gives users an original experience and solves their problems or needs quickly. All of the same SEO rules apply:

Don’t spam backlinks

Only build links from quality and related sites

Answer users questions

Provide solutions

Make sure your content is useful.

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