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Beat Download is your #1 source for Free Beat downloads. These free instrumentals are for you to try out before buying. You may use these beats for your album, promotional mixtape, youtube video, etc. By downloading my beats you agree to not use them for profit. These are non-profit instrumentals.


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**Please Read Before You Download Free Beats.**

Do you need custom sounds or R&B instrumentals for your commercials? Do you need Instrumentals for your Mixtape, T.V. and film, or music projects? I also offer free background beats & music for videos.  My Name is Efreezee.  I can sit down with you to customize beats to your specifications.  You can also choose from a variety of beats I have already created.  To download beats follow the steps below. Use the beat downloader above to listen to the instrumentals. Save them to your desktop computer or mobile phone.

At you can instantly download beats and instrumentals. Getting the music you want couldn’t be simpler.  If you are looking for Free Beats please visit Each song posted on the website has its own download beats and purchase button.  Users have the option to either download the beat for free or purchase beats.  All you need to do is choose an option and wait for the beat magic to begin.  Please take a second to view the Free Beats Download Rules and Leasing Rights that I have available. I have different packages for ARTISTS and TV and Film.  Do this before you download beats or make any purchases.

You can Browse By Genre or Look up Beats by How you are Feeling.  If you do decide to download beats.  Please keep in mind that I am a Christian Man.  I am only trying to promote positivity with the music that I am representing.  Please do not curse on my beats or spread negative messages with them.  Just try your hardest.  If you are going to curse anyway make sure that it’s for a good reason.  Are you a positive artist?  Are you making changes in you life to be a better person? You will probably be perfect for my beats.  Keep it positive and Lets Do Work!

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