Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How To Download Beats and Purchase Beats.

To Download the Free Beats just click on the button that looks like this.—>

download beats and instrumentals Free Download


To Purchase Beats click on the button that looks like this.—>

download beats Buy Beats

You will be able to Instantly Download Beats /Instrumentals after Purchase.

You can purchase multiple beats. if you choose this option your Downloads will be sent to your email within 24 hours.

CREDIT EFREEZEE OR GETATMEFORBEATS.COM FOR ALL PRODUCTION WORK.  I only promote positive music.  If you want my help, have a purpose with your music.  You don’t have to be a Saint.  You at least got to be about change and self-improvement.  Download Beats is for positive artists only.

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download beats

Question: Can I use your Beats for Mixtape, Album, Youtube Video, Anything that involves using a beat???

Answer: Yes Just Credit EFreezee or GetatMeforBeatsYall.com

Question: What if someone buys out the Exclusive Rights after I already purchased a (non exclusive) license?

Answer: As long as you licensed your beat before the Exclusive Rights were sold, all your rights remain intact and your lease is still valid and never expires.

Question: I wanna sell my music, can I use one of your free beats for that or can I use a UNTAGGED BEAT?

Answer: No if your are going to sell your music or a Untagged Beat, then you need to purchase a lease for the amount of sales you are expecting to make all the rights are broken down for you in the Leasing Rights section..

Question: Will you Let me use a beat that no one else has got on yet?

Answer: I could not possibly let everyone use a beat that no one has got on yet I would have to have a 100,000 beats. But what I will do is let you use one of the beats I got and if you make a Hit I will make sure you are one of the first people that know whenever I drop a new beat and I will help you promote your track. That way even if someone else has done something to it, Yours will always be the first one they see.

Question: Will you make me a Custom Exclusive beat just for me?

Answer: Yes for a fee though. All my pricing for for Custom beats are under my section on the Left called {{Leasing Rights}} just open the paypal tabs.

Please Contact Me if you Have ANY Additional Questions not answered on this Page. [email protected]

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  1. Hey, i do r&b music from Louisville, Ky..i sing, rap and produce my own music, everythang but make beats, working on da coldest mixtape ever from a local, and with your support, it will be the best ever! I want you to see me something you think needs to be murdered..i onlt want promotion but if the beat is dat cold, we can work something out for my first album. I would like to have it in my next email, i need 3 more songs for a finished mixtape. Thanks for your time, which will be well spent.

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